Monday, June 26, 2006

Woo~ High School Musical ROCKS! Yes, yes...I know the songs are pretty cheesy. The movie itself is meant for teenagers. Not for soon-to-be adults like me. But I never treat myself like an adult though cuz I'm still young at heart XD. The reason why I watched it with my sis cuz there are loads of eye candies. How can I resist watching Zac Efron? I still remember the first time I saw him in the Summerland series. His eyes are absolutely captivating *faints*. As usual, the story for High School Musical is pretty cliched but I kinda like the whole musical production. Boy, he can sing well! Apparently, the sequel will be released next year. Hmm, something to look forward to next year ^^.

I already typed the introduction for Economics assignment. Took the whole day to analyse all the information I had. I was being lazy ass, actually. In the end, I spent too much time on simple tasks. Naughty me... :P Besides, I've got loads of questions for my beloved lecturer. It's ok I delay my work again XD. *kicks Economics assignment aside*

As I promised, I'm gonna show y'all my collection. This time, it'll be the collar badges. I wouldn't say I have a large collection of badges cuz I don't go exchanging with other collectors. And 95% of these badges is paid by cash. Pretty expensive for each badge. Umm, the pic quality is bad cuz I had no choice but to use my camera phone. Bear with the blurness, ok. *sighs* If only my digicam is still here with, here it is. Stay tuned for the next post. More collections to come~

See? Told ya I have a nice box for the badges. Tee hee...

Lo & behold! My "ultimate" collection