Sunday, July 02, 2006

*dances* I just came back from a ball an hr ago. I kinda enjoyed this year's ball cuz there were hot dudes sitting at the same table as me. Not to forget, my hair! Yup, I went to the salon to do up my hair & makeup this year. I totally love my hairdo & makeup~ *flails* I wore my old dress again so uh..kinda lame actually. Was busy camwhoring with my friends. It's a pity I didn't have my own camera. Could've took more pics, though. *sighs* must've been something I wore that brought me luck again this year. I won the lucky draw again! *squeals* This time it's a Lee Jeans voucher worth RM150. Last year, I won a hamper worth RM500 of hair care products. So yeah, it sorta downsized this time. At least I walked away with something. *grins* Food was much better than last year but it can be improved. The banquet hall was a tad too small...I was quite taken aback actually. Definitely prefer the Times Square's hotel ballroom.

Haha I really couldn't imagine myself dancing the night away with heels as high as 2 1/2 inches. It's not that high really but errrr it was hurting my feet -_-". On Friday, there was English Day in my college. I participated in a spelling competition with 2 of my classmates. Gosh, when was the last time I took part in a spelling competition? Perhaps 11 yrs ago? o_O Kinda enjoyed the competition cuz it felt so good to be competing again...the other reason was because there was a hot dude/team member sitting next to me XD (he was one of the prom king nominees but he didn't!). In the end, we won! The result was predictable. Pretty sad, ne~

*yawns* I'm so tired now. I better get some sleep. Will be going to KL again to get some stuff for English assignment. Sorry, peeps. Just too exhausted to post another set of my collection. Oyasumi ^^. *continues fondling my hairdo* XD