Thursday, July 06, 2006

For the first time, Circle K Club organised an exotic animal exhibition yesterday at the concourse. I wasn't interested to visit the exhibition in the first place but our sweet classmate paid the tickets for the gals, so I willingly joined in the fun XD. Besides, the RM5 admission fee goes to RSCPA. Support RSPCA's pets cruelty prevention programme, ppl! :D

As soon as I entered the enclosed area, there were various kinds of tarantulas & snakes in glass box on display. And there was a chubby raccoon & a miniature monkey (I forgot its name XD) as well. What really amused me was the way that little monkey ate its food. It was nibbling the apple & regurgitate the skin. Smart, huh? Meanwhile, the raccoon was trying hard to escape from the cage & running from left to right repeatedly.

Somehow, I wished the exhibition had more exotic creatures on display cuz most of exhibits were snakes. Maybe some iguanas & chameleon would spice up the event. Other than the unusual alligator tortoise, there weren't much to see. Of course, I got to touch a python XD. But I passed out the chance to take a photo with that snake on my shoulders. No way! Nevertheless, I took a snapshot of an albino python secretly. Not too bad, rite? XD

This snake is making an attempt to escape.

I deliberately went to college early today to print my Marketing assignment cuz my printer ran out of ink. And I refused to buy a new ink cartridge since I'm planning to send it for repair. Guess how long the computer in the lab took to boot up? 5 minutes! Yup, it's true. And another couple of minutes to log in to the Xerox printing server -_-". The computers were so contaminated with spywares & malwares. Hmm, now I remember. Maybe that's how my comp got infected with Brontok through my thumb drive. *curses*

Marketing class was boring as usual. I ended up doing Economics exercises to stay awake. After class, I had lunch alone & continued with the exercises. I tell you, I thought I would get a heat stroke in the canteen. It was freaking hot! The sun was scorching & the heat was trapped in the canteen though it was an open space. I should've gone to the SAO. Silly me! *smacks book on the head* Almost fell asleep in Economics class cuz there wasn't much to do. I sorta became the lecturer's assistant tutor since I was the only one who finished the exercise. Had to help out the French guy & I swear...I almost died fainted inhaling his tobacco breath. No offence here...but I have a low tolerance level for smokers.

There goes another day...*sighs* All of a sudden, I felt tempted to get an iPod nano. You see, it all started when my sis requested Mum to get the Walkman I wanted as a birthday gift. When it comes to small gagdets like mp3 players or mobile phones, I'd rather have my own & not sharing with anyone. I have the freedom to do anything I want with my possession without feeling guilty about it. Due to this, I opt to buy another brand instead of having a similar one with my sis. I'm still contemplating...if I buy it, Mum would yell at me for sure. I'm in a dilemma now. I guess I'll have to wait...

The gorgeous iPod nano