Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time flies, ne~ This week is already the 10th week of university. That's why we had to this Student Evaluation whereby the students evaluate all the lecturers' performance. As a person who's kind at heart, I graded my lecturers exceptionally well. I gave fairly high grades for my Economics & English lecturers. Even the Finance lecturer as well. If you guys happened to peep into my OMR sheet, you'll surely notice that there's a string of similar letters running across the paper. That's partly because I'm being my usual self again! That's right. A lazy ass...hmm. I did this evaluation for the past 2 years during my A Levels period so I got tired of it. But this time, I took it seriously & read through the questions.

I would say our Marketing lecturer had the most negative feedbacks compared to the rest. Like I said, I'm a natural kind hearted person so I don't give awful comments just to keep any lecturers off the cliffs. Well, too bad for this lecturer cuz this time I was being harsh. Harsh doesn't mean I deliberately put him into trouble. Besides, I just wanna be honest & voice out my opinion. He is truly a lousy lecturer. You know what, his teaching was so appalling that I didn't know what to comment in the feedback forms. I refused to write, somehow. Did you know he cast a sleeping spell (actually, he does it every lesson... -_-") to the class today? Meanwhile, I was in the midst of a struggling war to stay awake. I survived by practising my Japanese writings & constantly passing written gossips to my friend. And when she fell asleep (sleeping in class is a habitual thingy for no difference la), I continued with my writings again. *sighs* What a day it has been!

For today, I wanna talk about something personal. I wasn't in a good mood later in the evening today. I guess it was after dinner when my family brought the topic about my cousin's birthday party this evening. I was kinda annoyed by the idea of her having a oh-so-big-deal 21st birthday party at my house. She's turning 20 but she wanna celebrate earlier as she's heading elsewhere to continue her studies. As usual, I was overpowered by jealousy & gave a sudden outburst (ok, not really) about how much I disliked the idea of her inviting 80 people. I was showing some disgruntleness, throwing small tantrums & feeling extremely stupid after that. My moodiness escalated when I found out my always-absent-never-ever-present-in-class assignment partner skipped class today because she had fever & throat infection since Sunday night. People kept on telling me to ditch her but hey, it's easier said than done. -_-"

Basically, jealousy is my personality flaw. It diminishes my morale & I can't seem to bring myself to make changes. Sad, rite? It's stressful & painful at the same time to be compared to my cousin since young. And whats more, having a grandma whom, in her eyes, view everyone else except me is supreme. This sucks! *sighs* Hoping that a deep slumber will swept away my sorrows for tonight...*sleeps*