Sunday, July 23, 2006

TWIST. LICK. DUNK. *grins* Oreo treats, anyone?? I think I'm slightly overdosed with Oreo's. I had them for breakfast cuz I woke up at 11am yesterday. And I indulged in Oreo's again for supper to fill up my empty stomach since I stayed up really late last night just to watch TVfXQ's banjun dramas on YouTube. Yup, I only slept at 3.30am. And here I am still wide awake :D. Peace! I had those yummy biscuits again this morning XD. Anyways, about the's a 4-episode short series featuring the guys. It was so hilarious that I couldn't stop laughing. It's a teen melodrama made for girls so it's expected to have a cheesy storyline. It was fun to watch though. Notice that those lovey dovey scenes where the guys almost kissed their girls but never did in the end. Conclusion is ---> they're idols for God's sake. Having scenes where U-know, Micky, Hero, Max & Xiah are kissing the actresses will drive fangirls berserk. Don't y'all agree? Imho, the most hilarious episode is Dangerous Love. A little bit of yaoi content between U-know & Hero. Just look at Hero's frightened face! *pfffttt*

U-know & Hero's love scenes NG *rofl*

There'll be another banjun drama featuring TVfXQ again. The release date will be on 27 Aug. I saw the trailer & it'll be a melodrama again. I guess the guys have a matured a I hope plot won't be as sappy like the one I'm currently watching. More dramas to look forward to *grins*. Anyways, the posters looked lovely XD. More hot-ness! Here's the poster for the 4-episode theatrical released drama, Vacation.

Do y'all remember in my previous post that my team were supposed to go to an advertising company to conduct a research? Oh well, we changed our mind. It seemed the boss didn't bother to reply my friend's e-mail. So, we as kings & queens of bullshitters storytellers wrote a bulk of crap for the company's history. Other information such as hardware & software used were pretty predictable. In fact, almost all the advertising firms are using similar software for designing. I wouldn't say our facts are entirely fake. There's a certain degree of truth in it XD. I was assigned to the website while the rest worked on the report. I guess I'm too smart~ Just took a free web template off the net. Saved so much time rather than building up the site from scratch. Btw, the lecturer allowed us to do so -_-". I wonder whether this is good or bad.

My stupid SonicStage is a pain in the ass real buggy software. When used for the 1st time, it worked perfectly fine. After a few days without using it, I couldn't transfer any songs to my Walkman when I opened that software. The error message said that the omgjbox.exe has encountered a problem -_-". I suspected that some spywares or maybe the the Trojan. Small must've tweaked the dll & exe files. Or perhaps the problem was caused by other not-so-harmful viruses that are still residing in my hard disk. I think part of the blame goes to Sony for developing such a pathetic software *sighs*. Do something, Sony! It's time that I use the BitDefender online scanner again. I'll end this post & leave my comp for some serious scanning. Jya, ne~

*counting the days to the Guam photobook release* XD