Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here I am feeling weary & slightly sweaty after a party. My cousin's party ended 1 1/2 hours ago. Apparently, she invited a large number of friends but only a quarter turned up. I met & chatted with a couple of old schoolmates whom I have not met in ages. Ever since I left high school, I think. Food was good but there wasn't much to do after eating. Only 2 games were played & there wasn't much hype compared to last year. Perhaps it's because of the missing water games we had previously.

One of my friend who went to Japan last month promised that she would give the souvenirs to me whenever we meet. So, here it is! A simple & nice gift from Okinawa. The original package had chocolates & Hello Kitty candies in it. Right now, they're in the fridge. This porcelain has beautifully printed sakuras on it. Check this out...

A sakura porcelain miniature cup/bowl

The label at the bottom of the cup/bowl

Don't bother asking what the kanji writings meant. And I'm too lazy to look up my kanji dictionary. So, what do y'all think? The gift looks nice, rite? Reminds me of another birthday present I got from a kindergarten friend when I was...errrr, 6 years old? Gosh, that was long ago. I couldn't even remember her name. As much as I can recall, she bought that present during her vacation in Japan. At that time, I had not caught the Japan obsession bug yet XD. I did fancy the present back then but I guess I appreciate it more now. Look at the doll, ppl~ ^^


Anyways, my senior who's currently studying at ICM was trying so hard to be a matchmaker & kept on pestering me about a guy friend she knew. She said he's got the bf material & looking for a potential gf. She's planning to introduce him to me. Gawd, I hope she's not for real -_-". And she even insisted to explore my room! My room is in a terrible mess especially the desk. You all wouldn't wanna look at it.

Basically, nothing unusual happened during the party. A decent party & probably the last one from my cousin before she leaves for Singapore in 2 weeks time. Towards the end of the party, I sat on the living room couch watching TV instead. Guess what, Wah Lai Toi repeated TVfXQ's Rising Sun PV twice! One of my least favourite song, though. I didn't expect Mom, Dad, aunt, & cousin bro would actually compare them to w-inds. -_-" Yeah, they dance better than w-inds. but I feel more connected to w-inds. My sis said nothing but I assumed she prefers w-inds. too ^^. Besides, she still fangirls...just like me. XD Oh I forgot, w-inds. "THANKS" Live Tour 2006 had started! *squeals*