Monday, July 03, 2006

*sniffs* AHHH CHOOO!! *wipes the monitor* XD How bad can it get? I came back from KLCC yesterday & caught a flu. @#$%!! I feel so sleepy now. Anyways, I was supposed to get a Meiji chocolate with my 2 other friends from Isetan. It's for our English project. After a long search, we didn't managed to find it. Seemed like the product was discontinued. And the last time I bought the chocolates was 2 years ago. It was during Valentine's Day from what I can recall. See? These chocolates had made such an impact on me that I just couldn't forget them. Pretty sad that it's no longer for sale. T.T

I went to KLCC so many times but yesterday was the first time I witnessed something bizarre. When I arrived at the mall, me & mom were hanging around the small booths selling accessories along the corridor near Isetan. Then I waited for my friend in front of Isetan. All of a sudden, all the shoppers & salesgirls at the booths started coughing simultaneously. As for me, I sneezed continuously. Weird, huh? Perhaps there was a puff of smoke & dusts released from the aircond duct. I quickly grabbed my friend the minute I caught glimpse of her & whisked her away from that "contaminated" section (ok, a little too dramatic here... XD).

As I promised, here are the pictures during Intiball. Boy, I looked incredibly white. I looked ghostly, didn't I? Some of my friends said I looked beautiful despite the white face...*blush* but erm, it's compliment~ Thanks, buddies! :D Enjoy, people while I resume my work now.

edit: Arrgghh!! Blogger failed on me again. -_-" Stupid server can't support my photos *curses*. I'll have to upload them to Imageshack.

edit2: Boo me for being such a lazy ass to upload all of them. I'll post up the good ones, though. XD And lots of thanks to Jen for her camera!

A moment of camwhoring in the car
(My dad, uncle & grandma were in there too...)

~Loo camwhores~ ^o^

Ok, he's photogenic! Our classmate, Geoff.

This is one hell of a hot dude/nominee! And he's my classmate~ *squeals*

Just being a little girly here... XD

Aren't we gorgeous?? *rofl*

Potential pimp! *points to the dude in the middle*

The organizing chairperson, Johnaton. Great friend cum bro.

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