Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yahoo! My Internet is back to normal *grins*. I'm totally a net junkie. Can you even imagine that I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms cuz the Internet wasn't working for a night? Okay, a little too dramatic here. But I got too used to my daily regime such as forum-ing, blogging, downloading stuff, watching videos on YouTube & meaningless surfing. It's so odd to not get connected, right? Oh well...*shrugs*

Last Friday, R.AGE & Nokia team had a roadshow at my college & offered free photoshoots using the latest Nokia camera phone. Little did I expect our pic was published in the R.AGE section of The Star newspaper on Monday. So, we had a short moment of fame for the day :D. I even scanned the newspaper clipping. Here's the pic for y'all peeps to see~ ^^

Gosh...I looked lame -_-"

Assignments nightmare is finally over...phew! There's about less than a week to study for exam *sobs*. Anyways, I heard that we have about 3 weeks for college break. I wonder what I'm gonna do during those few weeks. Gah~ too early to think about it. Besides, I think I kinda screwed up the theory questions for my Finance test. Seriously need to buck up...hmmph *determined*.

Oh god, Vacation drama will be released tomorrow. *sighs* I'm just hoping they'll release the dramas on dvd. If not, I'll have to resort to downloading the videos with English subs. The 1st episode will start off with U-know in a touching love story, I think. That's what I saw in the trailer. The poster of the 1st episode looks like this...

Ep. 1: Cassiopeia

That's all for now. Sorry for the really boring post. I have no mood to write a good post today. Need to get some revision done. I've been slacking.... -_-".