Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I was really bored last night. Was studying IT & surfing YouTube at the same time. I was randomly watching TVfXQ's videos. Guess what, I found some really cool ads. And off they go to my playlist ^^. Samsung hired these Korean cuties to film a set of commercials promoting the Yepp mp3 players. There was one which featured Micky & Hero which was pretty interesting. In fact, I saw a similar Samsung ad on MTV channel somewhere last year. But it wasn't the one with TVfXQ. If only the Korean version was shown, I would've gone fangirl crazy over them long ago. Here it is...TVfXQ's version of the Yepp ad.

Look out for the rainbow equalizer war between Micky & Hero!

Btw, Mum came back from dance class with a box of Oreos. Such randomness, don't ya think? Apparently Oreos are selling cheap at Giant hypermarkets now. So you ppl who are Oreo maniacs, don't miss out this promotion. I'll have to spam this post with pics again ^^. Yay, I guess I'll indulge myself with some Oreo treats tonight~

The Oreo temptation...

All the Yepp ads are pretty cool. I really fancy Xiah & U-know's solo ad. Uber cute & hot! *drools* Y'all have to watch these...

Xiah's head shaking ad (similar to a person overdose with esctasy *rofl*)

U-know's eye-popping dance ad *wipes drool off the keyboard*

Micky with goose ad *flails at guys in pink shirt* (the goose o_O)

Hip-hop cum urban Max (keep groovin' baby~)

The depressed Hero *prepares a box of tissue for Hero*

My friend just e-mailed a set of questions to the advertising company we chose for our research project. We're praying hard that the boss would reply asap as our deadline is next Wednesday. *sighs* If not, we're so in trouble. I told my friend that we'll bug him till he's fed up & obligated to reply the mail *grins evilly*. I'm so I'm off to study now. Till then~