Thursday, July 20, 2006

This weekend will be a rather quiet one for me. Grandma was off to Singapore with my eldest aunt & cousin sis yesterday. She won't be back till the 28th. Meanwhile, my cuzzie sis will be studying there. Wishing her all the best~ I was supposed to have Oreo treats last night but I didn't. Anyways, I had it before dinner just now. I just came back from dinner about 15 mins ago feeling stuffed. Well, Dad had food poisoning 2 days ago & lost his appetite. Grandpa couldn't eat much considering his old age. Cuzzie bro...oh well, I dunno what happened to him. He ate quite little today & I was forced to finish most of the dishes -_-".

Seems like my Oreo temptation worked on my Aussie friend *giggles*. Chocolates never fail anyone. It's true! Hmm, perhaps I shall have another round of Oreo treats later while studying. Btw, I got my marks for Marketing assignment. It's a 3.0 out of 5%. Thought it was rather low but oh well...everyone knows our Marketing lecturer is a little sick in the brain. He was being strict over petty stuff. Makes me wonder how I would do for my 2nd assignment. I didn't include any journals cuz there were no relevant ones. I guess I might lose some marks again *sighs*.

I had another round of pool session again. Apparently, I aimed better with a long stick XD. I always find it very difficult to balance the pool stick between my thumb & index finger. I suck at it! Nevertheless, it was a short & fun game. And I ended up having tobacco-smelled hair. Yuck! It's all clean & smell-free now :D.

Everyone is having a tough time finding information from the company of their choice. Yeah, it's all for IT assignment. The boss who's supposed to reply my friend hasn't done anything yet. I just called him & bugged him. Muahahaha...I wonder whether he's getting fed up or not. And my group is planning to invade his office. We're gonna pretend like customers interested in getting some printing done. So, we're scouting for good quotations & happen to come across this company. I believe we can put up a good act XD. My classmates are planning to request for a postponement of the deadline. I might wanna join in the "campaign". We'll see what happens tomorrow~