Saturday, July 15, 2006

*squeals & dances* OMG!! What a blissful night~ Our travel plans to the concert had to be changed when my dad had to do several rounds of detour from the awful traffic jam. Me & cuzzie bro stucked back to our initial plan & commuted to the venue instead. Sadly, we encountered more problems while taking the Star LRT cuz the train routes were complicating. Thank god we asked those frequent commuters at the platform.

Further confusion arised when we arrived at Bukit Jalil. Signboards leading to the Putra Stadium was unclear & lights were not switched on. It was utterly dark & my cuzzie bro tripped on the stairs & almost fell on his chin. Despite all that, we finally found our way to the stadium & collected some free concert goodies.

Concert goodies~ ^^

Little did we expect that the complimentary tickets (supposedly the cheapest, free standing tickets available) was given imho, the best spot in the concert hall. Imagine standing right under the extended stage! The opening wasn't too bad but they started out with a slow number -_-". And more slow numbers...gosh! Then they left for clothes change.

Arena B was where I stood!
(sorry, I didn't manage to take a good shot of the stage with my useless camera phone)

They appeared with a fast tune & got the crowd screaming like fangirl crazy. As the usual me, I squealed really loud though I'm not a big fan of theirs. They performed more fast tunes that made me started groovin'. Sadly, the crowd only knew how to scream but wasn't sporting enough to start dancing as well. Typical Malaysian audiences~ -_-". The big moment arrived! The five Korean dudes walked up to the extended stage & stood there singing in front of my very eyes & being raised on platforms to a few metres high. OMFG!!

See what I mean by bad camera? *sighs* Btw, this is Xiah...

Yesss...Xiah looked amazingly hot & cute in person. He looked kinda chubby in one of those stickers. And U-Know!!!! *squeals* Uber hawtness!!!!! *drools* And the earrings~ was gettin' really hot. I have a fetish for guys with earrings. I was practically drooling & melting going fangirl crazy XD.

Hero, the pretty boy!

I think this is Max. o_O (He's so green... -_-")
This part is where they were raised on a platform

I gave up taking more pics & missed out on the other 2 members, U-know & Micky. Look at the awful quality of the pics. So, I decided to enjoy & concentrate on the concert. Super Junior appeared as the guest artiste for the night & sang a cover number of Energy's Tui Mo Lu. The live version was much better than their PV. Seriously! And Super Junior came right in front of my eyes again...

Super Junior in action ^^

More Super Junior love!

I shall wrap up this concert report. Things worth mentioning were one of TVfXQ's members was able to speak good English. At least he was able to deliver the his bandmates' message because throughout the show, they only spoke only-God-knows-what-they're-speaking Korean language. As for Super Junior (13 member group), one of them actually speaks Mandarin! Fantastic~ And he spoke like a Taiwanese...o_O One member is actually fatter than my cousin bro & he dances sooo well. *rofl*

Overall, TVfXQ's vocals & dance were superb. Acapella session was the best cuz it really showcased their vocal pyrotechnics. I bet Super Junior's live version of the Tui Mo Lu song was much better than Energy's. No doubt! I'm starting to fall for TVfXQ XD. I really can't believe they all look so good in person. Their dances may be better compared to w-inds. but I still prefer w-inds. more. I naturally prefer Japanese music more. A good concert, it was. I enjoyed it...that's the most important thing. If they ever come back to Malaysia, I wouldn't mind watching these cute Koreans again in action. Ratings: 10 out of 10.