Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yay! One more assignment to go. English presentation turned out really well yesterday. Our lecturer absolutely loved our product *grins*. She even suggested us to sell our product during English Day in the coming semester. I was listening to her in disbelief. The reason I suggested this product idea was for the sake of doing assignment. Anyhow, my team did the assignment with full of passion though there was a lot of last minute work. Maybe that's why the end product was fabulous. Hehe. I took some snapshots of my packaging cuz I thought the lecturer might wanna collect our prototype. So here it is...

Tadaa! The box... ^^

Inside the box

The back

And we had fantastic ads to advertise our product...

More like a horror movie poster -_-"

Quite childish, don't y'all think?

In the end, we got back all our prototype & the ads. Hooray! We get to keep our beautiful masterpieces without letting the faculty damage store them in their junk store room. I uploaded more songs to my mp3 player again XD. More TVfXQ's songs...gosh, I'm starting to fangirl about them. Hmm, one more week to go & it's August. *rubs hands impatiently* My Guam photobook~ Btw, I saw some of w-inds. photos lately. They got really tanned...it must be from the photoshoot. Keita has been eating cuz he looks healthier. But he still looked kinda exhausted. If only he can regain his shape like in ageha concert. That would be the best~ *drools*

That's all for today. I'm off to study now...bye, peeps!

*bangs head on the wall* Omg, we're so in trouble. Just one week left to design a website. -_-"