Sunday, July 09, 2006

I can't believe that my dream came true. I got a Walkman! *squeals* It's the Sony NW-003F~ :D Ohmigod, y'all should see how lovely this little thing is. Sound quality is superb. The player is lightweight & ergonomically designed. Of course, the menu interface is not comparable to the iPod. Besides, it's much cheaper than the iPod nano so don't expect much.

I decided to choose lime green instead of pink. Seems like the pink didn't turned out nice on the real thing. Anyways, I bought the 1GB for RM449. It's pretty affordable, imho. Here are some pics for y'all to enjoy. ^^

The sleek & simple package

Inside the box (the shiny-ness XD)

*looks at the tiny* o_O