Friday, July 14, 2006

Phew! What an exhausting day~ It was my first time yelling at someone in front of so many pairs of curious eyes during Economics class. Yes, I practically blew up at my partner for being such an idiot. I was pretty harsh on her but I couldn't help it. So much for being irresponsible and uncooperative. What exactly happened...I guess I don't wanna dwell on it anymore. It's frustrating to recap those incidents.

I feel incredibly sleepy now thanks to the all the stress and exhaustion. And boo boo to period. It's the "time of the month" happening at the wrong time. I have a concert to attend, for God's sake. Why now?! *sobs* I bet it's gonna spoil my day...

It's gonna be another busy but chocolatey weekend. Will be working on the product invention/innovation report, one of the final two assignments & off we go for exams. Gah~ Exams!! *squirms* I'll sign off for the day. Will update y'all with loads of news from the concert. Oyasumi~ ^^