Sunday, June 04, 2006

*smiles gleefully* WHEEEEE!! I've finished the report~ Actually, I finished it earlier this evening. Now there's the reference list to do. I sooo love the FireFox Wheee! ad. So full of crackiness...*breaks into a fit of giggles*. So those of you who haven't watch it, here's the link and be prepared to laugh your head off.

My dog was so violent this morning. He almost shred that poor lizard into pieces & I thought he was planning to swallow it. Miraculously, the lizard survived & escaped! God bless the lizard! Kinda scary to see the broken tail still wriggling on the floor. My dog was pretty discontented though. Evil dog~ -_-" Remember the stupid cat that refused to climb down the tree in my house? Read this (March 14, 2006) if ya don't. I kept on forgeting to post the cat's pic so here it is. The naughty cat! *rofl*

Get down, you stupid cat! This ain't your tree!!

Just when I decided to order the photobook, I stumbled upon the ultimate sexy picture. Gosh, I really can't resist this...the R&R Newsmaker photoshoots are too awesome. *drools* I thought cherry Keita in Junon June issue was enough to trigger a heart attack. I don't think I can handle another dose...XD I seriously should re-consider *scratches head*. The Guam photobook will probably kill me the minute I flip open the first few pages. Dang...w-inds., why do you all have to be soooo...*speechless*

More Keita hot-ness! XD

[Credits to & LaCouleur Club]