Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gah!! Assignments, spywares, adwares etc...*bangs head on the wall* T.T I thought my pc is finally free from that damn Brontok.C malware. I was pc got infected with another difficult-to-remove spyware called Adware.Look2Me. It's really annoying. Why? Because ad popups kept on appearing while I'm typing this. Massive headache right now...-_-

Economics assignment is driving me nuts as well. Searching for information was a piece of cake since I found loads of info on the palm oil industry in Malaysia. Thanks to some useful government websites ^^. But when it came to calculating elasticities, I had to seek for real figures to derive the answer. That's where the problem lies. Based on my calculations, price elasticity of supply in 2005 turned out to be a negative number. It's sooo wrong! It's not conforming to the law of supply~ @#%&!! And the price elasticity of demand for 2004 became a positive...-_-" So, now you know why I'm having a bad, bad headache.

Okay, enough about Economics & assignments. I just remembered that TVfXQ will be coming to Malaysia for a concert after watching their PV on Wah Lai Toi. Wished I could go but I'll be so broke by then. I still haven't get the mp3 player yet. Not to forget the Guam photobook I ordered. Anyways, I honestly don't idolise TVfXQ. I have this bad perception about Korean singers singing in Japanese cuz they always fail to impress me. They're spoiling the beauty of Japanese language. Umm...having the thought of watching TVfXQ's concert is out-of-this-world, really. You all should know I'm indeed desperate to watch w-inds. concert instead. But errr...I was thinking of watching these Korean dudes just to please myself. Besides, how often do they come all the way here? Ahhh well, it's not like I'm going. Forget about what I said.

I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it before but erm, I'm sorta an avid collector. I collect all sorts of items (collar badges, ticket stubs, w-inds. cds, etc.). And also things that I will never throw away cuz they give me sweet memories. Yup, I'm still keeping the purikuras I took with my ex & all the gifts that he gave me. Dunno why I just couldn't bring myself to trash them all away. Btw, that's history...shouldn't dwell so much on it. Was thinking of sharing my collection with y'all (except the purikuras...those are classifieds XD). In the next post I'll probably scan some of my ticket stubs *laughs*. Get some snapshots of my w-inds. collection & yeah, the collar badges *grins*. I have a nice box to keep the badges, y'know. Lol...