Monday, June 19, 2006

It took me quite a while to realise that Bolero is commonly used by skaters in figure skating competitions. What's Bolero, you asked? Ah, it's a classical piece composed by Ravel. Remember the trip I was talking about? It was uber fun! It's a pity that those who took the bus didn't have much time to shop around. As for me, I had the privilege to hang around KLCC an hr before the bus arrived. All thanks to the wonders of LRT! XD I did enjoy the performance so at least, the RM20 was worthwhile. Since it was my first time watching a live orchestral performance, I found it truly amazing. No wonder my piano teacher kept on asking me to go. Some pieces were so not my type. Had to struggle to stay awake...*sighs* And to call myself an ex-classical piano student is indeed embarrassing. I guess I don't appreciate much classical music like I used to. Overall...the best pieces would be Selections from Carmen by Bizet. Love the Toledo song to bits~ Because I played it on the piano before... ^^

Honestly, I have not walked in the park before after so many trips to KLCC. Seriously never! It was my first time strolling at the park after the show. The not-so-fun part was getting my feet & high heels soaked because of the wet floors & grasses. Got some odd stares from other ppl because me & my other two companions were clad in formal suit. What the heck! Haha...not too bad after all because I felt we were showered with a momentary limelight. Perhaps a 60 seconds fame? *grins*

I was shocked when one of my cousin sisters was badly injured earlier this evening. Apparently the basin fell onto her body, crushed her chest bones & arms. To make it worse, she's only a toddler. Very horrifying! I really don't know what to say. She should be out of the surgery room by now. Though I'm not that close to her, I'm so hoping nothing bad will happen to her. Was planning to watch House today but changed my mind. That show will probably remind me of my little cousin. Might end up bursting into tears. Yup, I'm a pretty emotional person. I ended up crying last week...because of some incident. Plus the stress of meeting assignments deadlines. Damn all assignments!

Btw, here are some of the photos taken during the MPO trip. The indoor shots were initially dark & I edited it using Photoshop. It looked fine on my monitor now. Maybe on newer monitors, the edited ones are too bright. My junk monitor isn't caliberated & like I said, old monitors have poorer contrast colours. I may have put too much brightness on the pics because I could hardly see anything in my monitor. More editings, needed. *sighs* I could've taken more lovely pics with my own digicam if only it wasn't stolen back then T.T *travels back to memory lane*

Lunch time!

Random shot...peace out! :P

Cheese! :D

Adorkable! XD

More dorkiness...gosh, look at my big fat bun face. -_-"

A blurry pic of the three stooges. Masterpiece photo shot by "Shaky", the cameraman. *rofl*

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