Saturday, May 20, 2006

We all know that most movies adapted from sources ie books, videogames always turn out to be flops. Sadly, Da Vinci Code might be one of them. Having read the book 2 yrs ago is enough to spoil the fun of watching the movie. Ok, that's beside the point. I felt that movie was lifeless, not appealing & the essence seems to be missing...unlike the book. Tom Hanks' character failed to shine this time around (he shouldn't have taken the role). Sir Ian McKellen played his role well. And seeing Paul Bettany as Silas really surprised me. He did pretty well...much better than that lame Wimbledon romantic flick. Besides having to struggle to stay awake, I had to put with annoying ppl. One of them is a big headed dude (with a cap!) who was constantly obstructing my view. And the worst part was having an irritating girl next to me who started narrating the story at the beginning. She even clapped after the movie ended -_-". This is definitely my last time watching at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

For the first time, I went for a shopping spree (not really one cuz I didn't buy anything) with the girls. And to actually pick dresses to fit on. Saw this pink dress that I kinda like. It did sorta flatter my body figure. Was glad it didn't make me look stick-thin. Not too expensive...that's why I'm considering it. I didn't buy it right away not only due to insufficient cash in hand. The dress was pretty dirty & I wonder whether the shop has a new one. I guess I'll check around shops at 1 Utama first. Uh...I'm not even sure about going to Intiball yet. Why should I get a dress anyway? *shrugs*

I'm supposed to go for IT replacement class at 10am today. I skipped it and got nagged by Mum. I don't care...that's for sure. As long as I produce the results, that's all that matters. I wonder whether my gang of friends attended the class or not. I knew 3 of them confirmed about missing class. Including me, that would be 4. Anyways, I'm using my aunt's notebook to blog now. Pretty cool, eh? Hmm maybe in the future I should get one for myself. Meanwhile, I don't need one. An mp3 player is more important now. *grins*