Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ah yes! I'm finally able to blog again. Life has been busy lately *looks at the pile of assignment on the table* -_-". I'm still in the midst of doing English assignment but erm, seems like there wasn't much progress. Delays happened quite often when you have to work with a partner. And mutual agreement plays an important role as well. I'm working fine with my current partner. The only thing I wasn't happy about is the rate of progress in our work was a little too slow. I was hoping to complete asap so that I can work on other assignments. Oh well, I'll have to see how things work out by tomorrow as I wait for my partner's essay. Meanwhile, I'm working on it too.

Having the need to write a project proposal for first IT assignment came as a surprise to me. Alrite, never mind about that. We're supposed to choose 1 out of 3 suggested topics. When my proposal got rejected the 1st time, I was kinda disgruntled. I seriously doubted the lecturer's command of English because he commented about my project scope not relating to development in IT with computer viruses. Okay, I was wrong since my Aussie buddy pointed my error. I switched topic and submitted another proposal the following day. I got REJECTED AGAIN! Could you imagine that?! This time, he commented that my proposal was not suitable. WTF! In his brain, all he thinks that development of a nation relates to GDP growth. Ohmigod! -_-" Anyway, I made a statement to him that there are other aspects which are part of development ie standard of living, infrastructure, education. It did shut his mouth...and I was so satisfied. ^^

Was so silly to get so worried about the proposal...I could've joined the Yahoo! Japan Live Talk last night. *sobs* I was so close to seeing w-inds. and chatting with them live. Glad that someone posted up the video. I'm off to watch the clips now *continues with fangirling*.