Monday, May 29, 2006

Ahhh it's so good to be home. Was summarising the draft with my partner today. Boy, we had a tough time doing it. Imaging writing a report about Apple & Sony with only 1500 words. -_-" So restricted...felt like I was stripped off my freedom of expression. We're still working on it, hopefully things will turn out well.

I didn't know another 2 of my gang of friends are into anime too. I was kinda taken aback when they mentioned about reading Naruto mangas or watching animes. Though I'm not a big fan of Naruto. At least there is a similar interest among us XD.

All of a sudden, I wanted to attend Intiball. Everyone in my gang decided to go. *sighs* That means less money saved for the Walkman. Tsk, tsk...Mom, can you sponsor the tickets? Or that pink dress?? Alrite, it's not like I really need a new dress. I think my old black dress will do.

And my ex-schoolmate is planning to buy this Ken Hirai's limited edition dvd which costs RM200 over. o_O I think she's as crazy as me, or perhaps worse. Even my w-inds. dvds are not that expensive. I wonder whether she has decided or not. Talking about online shopping, I'm still considering the photobook. Imagine Ryohei, Keita & Ryuichi topless at the beach in those photoshoots. *drools*...such eye candy~