Sunday, May 28, 2006

*laughs hysterically* The power of networking!! o_O

*quickly regains composure* Can't blame me for being over ecstatic. I've finally got my Internet connection~ Yay! That means more privacy *cheers*. Anyways, I'm sure you guys noticed a sudden change in my blog. That's right. I've changed the skin. I know it's too pink but bear with it ok *winks*. Just a little introduction on how to view my posts. My posts will appear in the "tales" section while the archives will be in "angel" section. Each time you view my old posts, it'll lead you back to the introduction page that means you need to click the "tales" button again. *sighs* I know it's kinda troublesome but I'll try to sort it out. Besides, I took this skin from blogskins.

Mum said there was no news about the Samsung mp3 player. Did I sense that she might consider buying that Walkman for me?? Oww..ok, I'm desperate for one but I really couldn't resist this little thing~ I'm saving up for it...wait a min, that means less cash for w-inds. new photobook??? *sobs* I want that book too. And concert dvds...*wails*