Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Works Vol. 1 dvd has arrived!! *squeals* CDJapan is so efficient ne~ SOA & Works Vol. 3 hasn't arrive yet though. Much slower than I thought. And CDJapan was much faster than I expected. I was watching Works Vol. 1 immediately after I unwrapped the package. Honestly, the package looked miserable. But the dvd was tightly wrapped in this plastic wrapper filled with air bubbles. It's supposed to protect the dvd from damage. Btw, I don't think the package will be damaged cuz EMS ensures that every mail/package is handled with care. This dvd has a lot of stuff to offer. The PVs included weren't my personal favourite but looking back at those adorable faces when w-inds. debuted makes me wanna pinch their cheeks. Lol.

IT was boring as usual. Had free lab session after the lecturer completed his boring lectures. In fact, I was already using the PC to do my personal stuff even before he allowed. Everyone was undeniably bored. Who wouldn't? Imagine sitting in the lab trying hard to concentrate on the lecture about how to use Microsoft Word to produce good report. -_-" See what I mean? I felt pity for the lecturer...he's forced to teach such a boring topic. And the worst part is trying to get students' attention to listen. I guess he truly understood how we felt at that time.

Ice Latte came to my college to promote their drinks with two smart cars!! *flails* Should've seen me squealing away when I caught a glimpse of it. Too bad the body panel is black in colour. Absolutely prefer the red & blue panels more. Hehehe...anyways, The Da Vinci Code is gonna feature a white smart car ^^. Wait a min, I remembered reading the book & it didn't mention anything about white. Hmm...I thought it was red or something. *confused* Ah well...that white smart car is gonna be crashed in the movie somehow. *sobs* What a waste...I've managed to book tickets!! Yippee~ Movie time for everyone! Tee hee...*dances away*. Gonna spread the good news tomorrow. :D
Jen said...

heya!!juz checking out ur blog!!tee hee interesting stuff.wah u order ur dvd frm so far away??terrer..lolz


Wai Mei said...

haha thanks! yup, just can't find some previous dvds by w-inds. here in m'sia. had to order some from hong kong & japan. my dvds collection is complete now. ^^