Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hmm...this weekend would be a quiet weekend for the family. My aunt flew to Perth yesterday & smsed me this morning. Mum went back to hometown so only Dad went to work today. PC Fair will be next week & I'm so eager to go. But I'm still waiting for a call from Kinokuniya regarding my Junon magazine order. Just thought that if my order has not arrived, I'd probably stay at home instead. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I haven't buy THANKS album yet -_-".

I've decided to make a bolder move to order w-inds. dvds online. Not using the credit card or I risk the endless naggings from Mum. I definitely preferred credit card because the transactions are faster. But I'll have to pay a higher exchange rate for the goods & they only accept Japanese yen. So, most likely I'll try with international money order first. I'm still worried about how much my country's customs would charge for the goods. I guess I'll try with CD Japan first. Then I'll order the rest of the DVDs from YesAsia. My friend called me up to ask about going to Circle K's installation at Metropolitan College tonight. The admission fee is RM35, heck! I'm not going...neither I'm going for KCKL's birthday bash on Tuesday. Why should I pay RM20 just for that event? Rather save my cash for my DVDs.

Two official trailers for The Da Vinci Code is out. The movie looks great but I'm still skeptical about Tom Hanks taking the role as Robert Langdon. I've read the book 2 years ago so errr..yeah, I was half expecting the movie would ruin the storyline again. *shrugs* The actions looked awesome but I wasn't very thrilled...hmm, maybe because I've already read the book. The one thing I certainly would love to see is that smart car. Can't imagine the car getting smashed...T.T (that car is sooo adorable...I soo love it!). And back to w-inds. again, poor Keita passed out due to exhaustion. This is bad news. This is the 2nd time it happened to him. VF is seriously pushing them too hard. It's high time VF should allow w-inds. to focus more on their music rather than putting them on countless TV shows & unnecessary promotional gigs. I just hope they're not turning into manufactured puppets like JE boys. Ugh! Hopefully nothing goes wrong for this year's Asian Tour. Definitely don't wanna have any last minute cancellations (though I won't be able to go all the same). Ok, I'm off to call the post office regarding parcel services enquiries. Hehe. Till then, jya!