Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hooray! Sent off the demand draft to Hong Kong earlier this morning. Decided to use EMS just to make sure the cheque arrives on time. Can't afford another delay if registered mail method was used. I'd probably risk getting my orders cancelled before YesAsia receives my payment. But that EMS was sooo costly! T.T Almost burned a hole in my wallet. Lol. Not really but I thought the price was just too hefty. And YesAsia is expecting payment within two weeks after orders are placed. Well at least CD Japan allows six weeks before orders are cancelled.

Mum agreed to buy that mp3 player by signing up this new credit card. I was pretty surprised that she actually asked whether I want it or not. If I didn't want it, she wouldn't sign up for it. Previously, she thought that mp3 player is a waste of money because I'm very likely to get bored of it when I grow older. Anyhow, since she asked...I jumped at this opportunity. Although I'm not getting my dream mp3 player, it's better than nothing. Besides, that Samsung YP-F1X looks pretty trendy. Love it when I first saw it. Other than stodgy buttons & other weird features, it should be good. Mum has to pay RM369 only on an instalment basis so it's affordable. I told her that if there wasn't an offer, rather not buy it because at RM599...I could've gotten a Zen Micro by just adding a little cash.

That's all for today. Got my uni offer letter yesterday. Time really flies ne~ I'm off to uni soon. I guess it's better that way cuz I'm already slacking. All I have to do now is sit down & wait patiently for my package to arrive. *squeals*