Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hip, hip hooray!! My package is finally here. Yes, FINALLY! After a long 3 weeks wait, it came yesterday evening. I didn't even realise the the package was here until I saw an unusual big brown box on top of the concrete wall at the gate. Haha, if only you could see how delighted I was. I was practically jumping, skipping & dancing all the way back into the house while clutching the box XD.

It should've arrived long ago but I ain't got any ideas why the post office kept hold of it. It was shipped on Jan 20 & was released by customs on Jan 24. And I only got it yesterday -_-". Without further delays, I quickly unwrapped the box. The dvd box design is fantastic as usual...just like the All About 東方神起. I couldn't contain my excitement & waited till everyone slept then only started watching it. I've already finished watching the concert but not disc 2 yet. The concert was awesome, just like the Malaysian one. A good way to refresh my memories of the concert last year. The only bad thing about this dvd concert is that the camera angles were pretty lousy. It's hard to explain unless you watch it for yourselves.

I shall keep this post short cuz I'm really sleepy right now. Most importantly, I would like to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year. I'll be on a hiatus for errr...4 days, I think. This means I won't be at home so don't expect to see me online. Of course, I'll try my best to stay connected cuz I still need to do my assignments. Yeah, it sucks big time to do projects in the midst of a celebration. Whatever it is...take care ppl! Will keep y'all posted asap ^^. Ciao!