Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day was just another ordinary day for me since I didn't have anyone special to celebrate with. I don't have many single friends who're willing to spare some time while one of them was busy hosting the CNY event. Besides, staying back after a 2 hour class just for the sake of commemorating couples' day is definitely a bad idea. At least that's what I thought so. I went home immediately cuz I needed some sleep. I'm deprived, as always -_-".

Though my family (known for being unromantic) didn't consider today as a hoo-haa day, I had some fair share of chocolates from my aunt. Not like I ate them anyway cuz they're too pretty to be eaten. Aunt told me the chocolates are freggin' sweet. Overly sweet stuff is awesomely all I did was admire it XD.

Seriously, who eats these chocolates??? I couldn't bring myself to take one & pop it into my mouth. What about you?