Saturday, February 10, 2007

edit: Wat the...?! My package still hasn't arrive yet T.T. It's been more than 2 weeks. Grrrr!!


I found another link to the PopJam fancam vid~ XD This vid shows more of the choreography though mainly focussed on Yunho.

More reasons to drool over the boys... *grins* Oh boy, how can I not buy the 3rd Japanese album which will release on March 14?? The CD+DVD has all their PVs from Rising Sun (Japanese version) to Choosey Lover. Definitely the perfect present for my 21st birthday. Anyone willing to buy for me? XD

[FANCAM] Choosey Lover PopJam performance

Management class on Thursday was a funny one for our gang. Somehow, we managed to cheat our way out & leave the class early. Jen already posted up an awesome write-up about the incident in her blog. I shall link it up for y'all to read. Take note of "The Rescuer" *rofl*.

Click the link below:
and we present...

P/S: I've got a birthday party to attend tomorrow! ^^

Credits: chisa (fancam), Hsu Jen (blog)