Sunday, February 25, 2007

I saw a really interesting documentary yesterday. It's How Did They Do It? on Discovery Channel which showcases various industries in certain countries & the processes involved. One of the segment was about manufacturing pencils & the company referred to was Faber-Castell *nudges Jen* XD. I wouldn't have known how pencils were made if the filming wasn't done. It was rather unusual to see how graphite is turned into lead, inserted in between 2 pieces of wood glued together, cut, shaped, paint & then finally sharpen before being packed. The best part is no single piece of wood is put to waste as it's fully utilised to make as much pencils as possible without any leftover bits. Speaking of efficiency & eco-friendliness, eh? ^^

I've got happy news for this week. First, I finally met up with my online friend whom I knew through the Dong Bang LJ comm. It was really nice of her to invite me over for CNY. You can say that we had an awesomely great time rattling & fangirling away like nobody's business XD. And she's more of an avid Dong Bang fan compared to me *envious*. I mean, look at her collections. Wow~ I was truly overwhelmed. Besides the fangirling part, I got an extra angpau too ^^. Secondly, she gave me an early birthday present & insisted that I opened it right away. Oh boy, you wouldn't believe what was inside the wrapper. This was what she gave me...

東方神起's Heart, Mind and Soul album!

A CD+DVD galore~ XD

Mind you, the album is a Japanese version which costs a whopping RM100++. Thank you sooo much, Enya! *bows* Now my next target would be the 2nd Japanese album due on March 14. Kyaaa...I really can't wait for it XD. The title is Five in the Black, ppl! Anyone care to give it to me as present?? Omg, I'm so demanding -_-". Just joking...I'm gonna get it myself. * runs off to pre-order*