Another gruelling week!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank God is FRIDAY!'s the end of the week and soon the start of another week. And here I am typing this blog on my cuzzie bro's comp feeling physically exhausted but my good 'ol brain is still so energetic. Ya know, I'm so prone to this kind of thing especially at night when I'm trying so hard to fall asleep. Anyway, forget bout that. As I promised, I met up with my buddy on Saturday at my sis' school carnival. The carnival was not at all great. The only part I enjoyed was her bubbly presence. With all the stalls set up in the school compound selling food & drinks, it did reminded me of my younger days in secondary school where I used to do the same thing too. So, it was a walk down memory lane again. One thing for sure is to be prepared for the worse food sold in this kind of event. I ordered food at this stall. Apparently they made their classroom to resemble a cafe, something like Delifrance. I thought they would be very well organised with waitresses ushering you to a table. I ordered a meal set from the menu and guess what, I was served with a toasted bread with NO BUTTER. On top of that, there weren't much potato salad left...and I was the unlucky customer to get such a small portion of it.

Me, my buddy and my sis left the school and headed for steamboat lunch. Oh boy, I wished I had more appetite that day because I love steamboat so much! Besides, I haven't had it for ages. After lunch, we were about to leave when a girl approached us to conduct a survey. I agreed to do it since my sis is underage and my friend wasn't interested. I was asked to test a new drink by Sarsi. Somehow, another guy asked my sis to join the survey though she mentioned about being underaged. When they found out my sis wasn't eligible, they called upon they're "leader" (I supposed) to handle the situation. Here is what he said with sarcasm: "Why is this young girl here when she's not supposed to? Oh nvm, I'll let her do it. Hey you, young girl. Next time don't come in & join ok." I was so pissed off with him...I lashed at him: "Your people pulled her in to do it. Do you think she even bother to do?!" He was embarrassed and walked away. Haha! We were asked to answer the questionaires on the paper. They gave me a puzzled look when I answered that I don't take Sarsi drink. There was so much confusion and commotion going on and finally, I was deemed ineligible to do the drink test. My poor friend had to be the guinea pig for Sarsi. Haha! I wasn't pleased though they gave my friend RM5 as a token of gratitude for being a drink tester.

Sunday wasn't a day I anticipated either. So what if it was Mooncake Festival? It turned out to be awful. Both of my relatives ended up quarreling for a small issue and one of them blurted out foul language, cursing away. He left before dinner started. Why quarrel like young kids over a small matter? It's downright dumb to see adults like that. It was hilarious!

A few more days left before my mock exam commence. I'm not fully prepared (as if everyone is prepared). The worst part is I caught flu...darn, I don't wanna get sick. These few days I had no choice and ended up got myself soaked skin deep in the rain. I hadn't had good sleep for a few nights, waking up earlier than I'm supposed to and feeling mentally drained the next morning. I'm gonna be a zombie soon! I need blood! Haha....tonight is Malaysian Idol grand finale. Vote Nita! Type VOTE NITA and send it to 33722.