Time goes by but memories not forgotten...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Whoa! Another week had passed. How time flies...like they said, "time waits for no man". So many things happened this whole week and just one week's happenings is enough to make this blog a lenghty one. I shall start with my ex-boyfriend. It has been days since he left for London to pursue his studies. I wonder how he is doing now. Does he like the place? Sighs, it was really hard for me to let go...how can I possibly do that when he only asked for a breakup 3 weeks prior to his departure?! It was nightmare when I thought back those few weeks when I had to cry myself to sleep each night and waking up in the morning feeling heartbroken again. My two best friends tried to console me but I felt it wasn't helpful. On top of that, I felt they backfired me instead. At this point of time, I was hoping that they would at least supported me that I wasn't wrong and it was my ex's fault for not knowing how to handle the breakup. I was very disappointed...seems like the 3 of them resembled "Pakatan Axis", attacking me one after another. But oh well, it's all over and nothing can be done. My ex already left and he arrived London, safe and sound. Honestly, I cried on the night he left. I guess I was too silly; shedding tears of loneliness and depression for a guy who has already given up on me.

I'm trying to take things easier now...yes, I can try to forgive but there's no such thing as forgetting what happened. Forgive and forget doesn't come as a combo meal. I don't hate the 3 of them because I don't wish to put further strains to our friendship. It was true that I did many mistakes in the past and it was beyond redemption. It was right for my friends to be mad at me because I was a mean girl for betraying and using them just to be with the guy I loved. I've learnt a good lesson...it's always a trade-off between friendship and love. Either one party would be hurt, though unintentional. Just like in the law of economics, it is very difficult to achieve a balance. Was it a mistake to start the relationship? Yes and no. Yes, because I didn't expect to cause so much hurt to everyone around me including myself. No, because I took risks to be with the guy I loved though dating at a young age is strictly forbidden in my family. The relationship was indeed a rewarding experience and even as time goes by, memories will not be forgotten. I will never ever forget the moments we held hands together for the first time in the LRT, sharing our first kiss together and getting all hyped up when we bumped each other at Section 14 because we didn't meet for 2 months. So, NO MORE DATING after this! Graduating with First Class Honours is my ultimate goal. There is no need to have a boyfriend for now. And yup! Me and my ex remained friends...I don't know how far we can go in this friendship. I don't hope much but if we do become best friends, it's a good achievement. It's not impossible to have a long-distance good friend and I already have one.

Guess what, the long anticipated DVD movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is finally OUT! As usual, I didn't have much time to watch the whole movie...and not to worry, I have the downloaded video in the pc. The protagonist, Cloud Strife is so good-looking with his golden blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. I did managed to view a few scenes of the movie but I was already confused...well can't blame...I have forgotten the storyline of the prequel. IMHO, I seriously think Tifa's boobs is too big for her body. Like I said, there is something wrong with her! She's too perfect...I'm so jealous!! Psst...Wira, don't kill me for saying that ok.

Recently, my Dad bought a box of mini ice-creams. Yes, it's miniature ice-creams. Melts in your mouth with one gulp. Lol. Did the Nestle product team run out of ideas to develop new products? My aunt said she didn't feel exhilarating when eating them...because it is so small! Haha more like ice-cream biscuits to me. And I ate a piece of snow-skin mooncake bought from Mandarin Oriental hotel. I seriously have to admit that I'm starting to dislike durian because that whole piece of mooncake contains durian paste which is freaking sweet. I guess they have an infinite supply of sugar from their suppliers...lol. Thank God it's mini size (what's up with these miniature size food?!), if not I'll definitely stay away from durian flavoured food from now on. Talking bout mooncake, this Sunday would be Mooncake Festival. I'm not excited at all...which makes sense because I'm 19 years old now...I don't play with lanterns anymore. In addition to that, I never fancy mooncakes. I only fancied that freaking sweet mooncake out of all the mooncakes sold in the market but I'm starting to hate it. Sunday would be another ordinary weekend...errr wait, it's a freaking weekend! I have to study for stats..arrgggh! And I spent too much time on one question in stats test today, yikes! Bad time management! My friend invited me to Assunta school carnival tomorrow. I think I should go to take a rest from a week's stress and depression.

The battle between the Idols is tonight on Malaysian Idol. I'm really anxious to know who will advance to the finals. Would it be Daniel/Farah, Daniel/Nita or Farah/Nita? Alright...to be truthful, I want Daniel and Nita to be in the finals next week. According to my predictions, Daniel and Farah may proceed to the finals. And the chances are, Farah will be the next Malaysian Idol. Here I am, fully supporting Daniel, the cute 23 year old guy who looks as young as me...I'll vote for him of course but I'm not insane to spend all my cellphone credit on him. :P Go Daniel!! Lol. Okay, here's the final thing I wanna say. I hope to do well in my upcoming mock exam as I'm planning to apply for scholarships to overseas' universities. I know I'm not likely to get any of them...it doesn't matter because I wanna give it a try. If all fails, I'll stay in my good 'ol college to pursue my degree. I know it sucks...but it ain't bad. I hope to post another a new blog next week. If not, it will be two months from now. Till then, jya~!