One challenge is over...more to come!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Today marks the end of my one week trials exam. I was hoping the exam would end with a joyful note since I didn't do so well in Business Studies & Economics papers. Moreover, Math was the last paper. Boy, it turned out to be so difficult...I could barely answer all the questions. Say, about 60% of the question I couldn't answer. Sighs...I really had no mood to blog today. I got stuck in a traffic jam for no apparent reason & I was supposed to take nap but ended up having my eyes glued to a biography video of Mariah Carey on Channel [V]. I'm almost brain dead exhausted and the cool weather is making me feeling extra sleepy.

I'd been having weird dreams lately. No good night sleep again. First, I dreamt that I was struggling to hide from a wicked but deadly gorgeous witch, who wanted to cast an evil spell on me. No matter where I ran, she knew about my whereabouts and would be well ahead to where I am heading. That was freaky! The next dream was about receiving an e-mail from my ex. I didn't expect to get something from him. Come to think of it, that e-mail wasn't really a message from was more like a spam mail instead. That's wacky...

I'm still thinking of what to wear for my cousin sister's wedding. Should I wear that black dress I wore to the ball? Or just a casual blouse and skirt? I wished I had a fashion consultant during times like this. At least I didn't have to crack my head on wearing the best attire for the night. Any fashion stylist available??

I recently came upon this website on paranormal issues. It was reported that there were ghosts sightings by the army troops in New Orleans. Sounds like this city is not just a ghost city by its name. It's for REAL! Acheh also had similar sightings...weeks later after the tsunami hit on Dec 26, 2004. Reading this kind of stuff is intriguing when you are wondering whether to believe the witnesses or not. Well, I believe there are ghosts who loitering in the streets...those who died suddenly and have yet to achieve their goals in life. These ghost will rest in peace when all is done. I don't see why there are still hauntings if "they" had realised their dreams. And how would we know if they achieved what they wanted? Maybe there is no answer to this...