Monday, December 31, 2007

Malaysian crowds are really sad, as usual. Why don't they even cheer as a symbol of support to the person performing on stage?? They're just so...unsupportive -_-. That was what exactly happened at Leo Ku's concert. The concert was pretty okay. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be cuz Leo Ku can really sing live. It's just that his songs are not to my liking but that's besides the point. Being a non-fan, I could at least present a more objective perspective in this concert report. Btw, the verdict had been revealed. It was decided that me & my sis attend the event.

Dad wanted to make sure that we wait at the police station opposite the stadium after the concert. I was silly enough to not recall that it was there all this while. Haha. To even dare say that I was at Stadium Merdeka last month XD. So, Dad drove me there so that I dun get lost later. There was nobody there at the stadium at 2pm; not surprising though. It was a far cry from Dong Bang's pre-concert happenings. Lets just say no other fandoms are as passionate as Dong Bang's. Hands down for that~

Since our tickets were free seatings, we knew that we had to be there quite early to reserve a good spot. Me & sis arrived at about 6pm (the concert is scheduled to start at 7.30pm). There was a long queue at the entrance to the arena as expected. Fifteen mins later, everyone entered the stadium & (surprisingly) didn't rush to grab good seats. Again, that's incomparable to Dong Bang's. Both of us walked briskly to find the perfect spot for the best viewing experience. Not that it made much difference cuz the arena is pretty far from the stage.

Before the concert...

I shall start by describing the stage set-up. It's a pretty decent one - not too extravagant to the point of being labelled "overly done". What more can the staffs do since this is an outdoor stadium. Apart from the good thing about open space, a lot of stage effects & pyrotechnics are compromised when holding a concert outdoors.

I waited for about an hour or so & still there were no signs of other ppl coming to sit at the more expensive areas. It felt so awkward to see that Leo Ku's fans ain't enthusiastic at all. Or perhaps I was too used to passionate Dong Bang fans who're always punctual for any Dong Bang events. And the latecomers did reflect how un-punctual Malaysians are -_-". At approx 7.40pm, ppl start pouring into the stadium & slowly filling up the empty seats on the field.

At 7.40pm.

By 7.50pm, all the seats were filled up. The concert officially started at 8.05pm with stage lights flashing at intervals.

During the concert...

Two drummers emerged from the stage; hitting the drums with style & force. Without further delay, Leo Ku appeared on stage while suspended mid-air; singing his first hit song of the night. (Don't question me the song title cuz I fail at Chinese...XD)

Seen here is Leo Ku MC-ing after the first song. To my surprise, his jokes turned out to be witty & hilarious. Thumbs up!

Basically, he continued crooning numerous slow ballads after all the MC-ing. There're not much pics to upload here since 80%-90% turned out really blur. The rest are fancams which would take hours for me to upload thanks to stupid Streamyx. The video sizes are just too big! Nevertheless, the few pics below imho are the few best scenes throughout the night. Love those captivating stage lights.

Underwater scene with jellyfishes floating about.

Prince Charming meets Lady Princess.

When guest artiste for the night appeared, we were screaming hysterically XD. Yes, it was indeed Justin. Seems like the girls who sat behind us came cuz of Justin. So do I. Gosh! I sounded so evil :P. Anyways, I dun have any pics of him as it was really difficult to get a clear shot of him. Don't forget that I was sitting really far away from the stage. Speaking of costumes, the pic below showed Leo Ku with a pair of humongous wings strapped to his back. The wing looked ugly; like a devil's wing -_-. What was the wings for anyway?

If I'm not mistaken, after taking off the wings; he sang one song before thanking the crowd & walking off the stage like it was the finale. It was only 9.40pm that time!! Everyone thought that the concert ended. Like WTH?! How can it just end like that?? Although our tickets were free, we didn't come to be serenaded for merely 1 hour or so. That was a total rip-off~ So we stood still & waited a little longer. The stage lights dimmed & the atmosphere was quiet for about 3 mins. We were convinced that the show ended for some reason. Suddenly...HE APPEARED! Leo Ku came up the stage again & started singing the next song. He jokingly said, "Why on earth are you guys thinking that the concert ended already? I believe concerts in Malaysia usually lasts till 12am or so..." Awww~ At least he knew that the crowd was utterly shocked with disbelief when he left the stage like that earlier on. The concert went on...

Later, Justin & the other 2 guest artistes who also co-performed that night were dancing away on the stage together with the dancers. They were even jiggling away to Christmas songs. Obviously the show was coming to an end very soon. Giant balls were tossed to the crowd as part of the Christmas celebration too.


After the concert...

Large crowd leaving the stadium.

-Random pics-

A proof of our existence at the concert~ Look at my dishevelled hair & blouse -_-"

The road to the stadium can be so Christmas-ey at night ^^

The hustle & bustle of night life in the heart of KL.

Overall, the concert wasn't so bad. It's just that when you're not a fan, you're naturally not as enthusiastic as you should be. Same goes for me. It's the type of concert in which I would go if the tickets were free. I won't go the extend of paying so much to watch it. Leo Ku is just not my cup of tea. I'm more of a Justin fan if I need to make a choice. Phew! Boy, the report was real long...o_O