Wednesday, December 05, 2007

After both of my dogs passed away, my family had no intention to take in a new one so soon cuz the virus might infect it with the same disease. And so our house was left unguard for about a month. We took extra caution to reduce the risk of burglary - making sure the doors & gates are locked at all times, shutting my room's glass window each time I leave the house, stay extra alert when there's an unusual sound yadi yada. So far so good as there was no sign of intruders, except for cats belonging to the neighbourhoods taking advantage of the dogs' absence & trespassing our compound.

When the news about Mum's friend giving away her pup broked, I was more than delighted that Mum intended to take him in. I was told that it's a half-breed male Rottweiler, barely 2-3 months old. The idea of having a pup at home running around felt so wonderful, I thought. I pestered Mum to bring him back & promised that me & my sis would take good care of him & training him well at the same time. When I caught a glimpse of him that morning after the concert last month, my mood instantly lightened up from my post-concert depression. He's such a cute lil' pup with droopy ears & always cheerful. Aww!

We named him Bobby, btw. Lame, I know. Not that I can help it cuz it was Mum's idea. Bobby, it is. Good to know that he's a lively pup but he tends to be hyperactive. Too lively for my liking -_-. To the extend of pouncing on someone & grabbing his/her legs; humping away. Yes, you read it right. Humping the legs....can you imagine that?? He's only 3 months old!!! Not even an adult yet. And oddly enough, he usually does that to women in the house. He stuffs his head into the butt & starts sniffing it. Ewww!!! Gross~ Anyways, I guess I'll have to tolerate Bobby for another few months or so & enjoy his growing process while it lasts. I believe he would grow up to be a really humongous dog. And a good guard too ^^. Here're some pics of my lil' pup.

Isn't he cute? ^^