Wednesday, December 26, 2007

HAPPY BOXING DAY! So, how was everyone's Christmas day? Bet it was fun, right? Well, I didn't get to watch much videos during daytime cuz I had to do some spring cleaning. Books were cleared up from one the cupboards in my cuzzie bro's room. Yup, I do have lots of things kept in his cupboard. Let's just say that we share cupboards. In fact, I own more stuffs compared to him. He, on the other hand doesn't really buy books to read. All he had were a few complete sets of comics in his bookshelves. That's all.

Anyways, I'm sure everyone of us is still in a Christmas mood. Here are some pics of beautiful Christmas decors taken at Mid Valley Megamall on Dec 20 add on to the Christmas feel XD. I reckon our decorations are not as great as countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, US or UK. Nevertheless, the shopping malls' management did put great effort to usher the Christmas season. At least there's something to look forward to each year ^^.

Here's Mario brothers' fav food for Christmas XD

It's a white, white Christmas!

Two "walking" Christmas trees enjoying the white Christmas atmosphere :P

Sisters wearing the Christmas colour theme.

It's the Christmas "trees" sisters again.

Oh, so lovely!

Peace~ ^^

Front view of Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall

Aerial view of Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall