KPop Kingdom 30th Gathering

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I don't usually attend gatherings organised by KPop Kingdom nor the official TVXQ FC. The last time I went was the first FC gathering held at McDonald's Sec 14. That one turned out to be a chaotic one as the venue wasn't spacious enough to accommodate so many members. Music was too loud & the FC admin was literally yelling at the top of her lungs just to get everyone's attention. It was quite disorganised but it was the first meetup so I can forgive that. I think I did blog about this months back. Go refer the March archives yourselves. :P

Out of the blue, I decided to attend KPop Kingdom's last gathering for the year. The main reason was to sell off the remaining Five in the Black concert merchandise that was left unsold for the past few months. The items were hogging space in my room & I got frequent naggings from Mum to clear them off. Now is the time to get rid of them once & for all. Also, the gathering was an excuse to stay out of the house & hang out with one of my online friend in the FC. Lol.

I felt so awkward when I arrive at Burger King, Avenue K cuz this was my first time at a Kingdom gathering. Everyone seemed to be unfamiliar with me & never dared spoke to me. I sat with my friend & looked around nervously. Finally, I got to speak with Yuri (Kingdom founder) as she was questioning whether I'm a forum member. So I told her that I was the one who asked her permission to sell stuff during the gathering. Then only I found out that the proceeds that I've earned through the sales, 10% will go to Kingdom. I thought the commission would turn out to be a lot (thanks to my poor math -_-) but it was less than expected. More on that later ^^.

We played games...and more games. All Yuri did was to supply prizes for game winners as she was trying to clear out her old idol collections as well. Me & 2 other girls won the first game so we received spankin' cool cardboard folder which was made for the 2nd Asia Tour Concert in KL. Those folders were only meant to be distributed to FC members but there were a few copies with off-colour printing. Yuri wanted to give away the defects as prizes instead of distributing to the members. Nevertheless, the off-colour gave a brown & yellowish hue reminiscent of a sepia photo. Still cool~

Soon it was time for Marche session (Marche is a Kingdom term for merchandise). Since I was the only one there who brought Japanese items to sell, everyone was curious to see how the posters & the t-shirt looked like. The minute I removed the plastic wrapper & showed the poster to the crowd, everyone gasped & squealed so loudly. They were rushing to reserve a copy as I only have 3 copies left. One of the Kingdom staff bought the t-shirt cuz only she could fit into the M size. Within mins, all the items were sold out! Wow~ I didn't expect to receive such an overwhelming response from the members. o_O

The atmosphere became less awkward & tensed as ppl started to approach me & enquire about the Japan concert merchandise. Obviously they were curious about how I got the stuff. A few of them showed interest in buying Japan concert merchandise from me in the future though I couldn't promise that I could get them what they want. As you know, I might not have much time to do surveys again in my final year. We still exchanged numbers anyway, just in case. We at least made friends so that's better than nothing. In the end, I only paid commission RM19 out of the RM190 I received from selling the items. It was definitely lesser than expected. I thought I was gonna lose a lot by selling through Kingdom. Phew!

Camwhore session began soon after when everyone wasn't doing anything. Of course, I didn't wanna miss the chance to snap pics with my new camera. The pics turned out really good just like what I've expected. Some were a little blur but that's due to excessive shaky hands. Even the optical stabiliser won't be able to help. Btw, there was a guy who's a FC member too. I knew that there're guy members but this is the first time I saw a member who looks pretty cute XD. Apparently, he was one of those extra soldiers needed for Dong Bang's concert last month. Isn't it great? I actually met someone who was inches close Dong Bang, perhaps twice during rehearsals. Anyways, I shall stop blabbering & get on over to the pics.

The Malay gang who sat together with me during the gathering

Me & Aki aka okhor

L-R: meimei, me & Grace

L-R: meimei, me & Zhi Ying (I think, sorry about forgetting her name -_-)

L-R: The Malay Gang, the dude, me & Aki (doing a little Yoomin or Yoosu pose, if she's into Changmin or Junsu XD)

See that guy in the pic above? He looks pretty cute, don't you think? I didn't know that he's a Bruneian Chinese. I assumed he's living in Malaysia now as I overheard him saying that he hasn't received his IC yet. I wasn't courageous enough to ask for his name cuz I dun wanna make myself sound like a bimbo or something. But I was dying to know his name T.T So now I know that there're good looking guys in Brunei XD. Wu Zun from Fahrenheit is one of them. Speaking of Wu Zun, he can't sing nor act to save his life. Modelling would suit him most. No offence to Fahrenheit fans *runs away to hide*. Overall, the gathering cum year-end party turned out to be pretty fun too despite the small group. It felt more personal & close-knitted, imho. Definitely looking forward to attending future gatherings if time permits. Purpose: To spazz with other equally enthusiastic fans. It's a fangirling thing, you won't understand.