PC Fair (III) 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Today was the last day of PC Fair at the KL Convention Centre & I told myself that I had to go no matter what or else regret later for not missing the opportunity visit the Panasonic booth. For the first time, Panasonic decided to set up a booth to exhibit its products at PC Fair. Since I was dying to see the brand new Panasonic Lumix FX33, this was a chance not to be missed. Mum & sis came along as they both had something to grab anyway.

As usual, the crowd size was crazy as everyone squeezed through the hallway to get to the next booth. I was looking forward to enter the ballroom cuz Panasonic's booth is there & also this hall is where all the big shot companies such as Sony, Samsung, Lenovo etc were having exhibition. Without further delay, I approached the Panasonic booth & grab one copy of the VIERA TV catalogue while enjoying the captivating sights of the huge plasma TVs nearby. I found the Lumix cameras on display nearby & didn't hesitate to test the FX33. Omg, the camera is such a beauty *dreamy eyes*. The smooth & sexy curves, the thinnest of the camera width, the sleekness of the metallic finish on the camera body...the FX33 just oozes charm & glamour. At that moment, I half imagined that a stack of cash would fall down from the ceiling so I could purchase this sexy gadget right away. *sighs* It's not like I really have the money anyway. I walked off instead.

On the other hand, my sis visited the Sony booth just for the sake of snapping of the Vaio laptops decorated on the wall. It was indeed a creative idea as it succeeded in grabbing everyone's attention to stop by for a few mins at the booth. Way to go, Sony! Too bad I've already got a lappie for myself so I'm no longer interested to scout for a new one. Here are the pics that my sis managed to take. Lighting is bad cuz it's too blue. The hall was set up in soft lights hence making it difficult for my sis to get a good shot. What's more, she's only using my crappy Motorola Razr V3 camera in which I forgot to switch back the light settings from indoors to normal. Oh well, the switch wouldn't help much anyways. Have a look at these poorly taken pics.

Okay, the pics weren't that bad either. Still, it's too blue~ -_- Anyways, to keep it short - I ended up buying things that I didn't plan to get in the first place. For instance, the Logitech mouse which costs me RM30 just cuz it's a...Logitech. My old Logitech optical mouse is starting to show some malfunctions but nevertheless, it still works fine. That's why I had no intention to get a new mouse anytime soon. For once, I feel so rational when it comes to purchasing non-Dong Bang stuffs XD. But Mum pestered me to buy one for standby. There goes my RM30 T.T

And another RM12 for blank DVD-Rs which costs RM24 (the other half paid by my sis). The DVD-Rs were a planned purchase so I shouldn't be categorising it as a waste of money. We needed those discs to store our ever-growing collections of mangas, dramas yadi yada which are clogging up my HDD. After meeting up my friend working at the DiGi booth - got tricked to sign up for 2 postpaid numbers - we left for lunch, savouring the freshness of sushis bought from Isetan supermarket. Of course, we didn't leave the exhibition without bringing home something great. I mean it. It was totally unexpected & so do you guys. Can you believe that we bought this in the end?? *look below*

Details of the camera will be featured in the next post. So stay tune! ^^ *grins*