Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some of the pics that I wanted to upload but left out from this post.

The glowstick that I used during the concert. Not many ppl had it so I'm considered one of a kind XD

Remnants from the concert Silver confettis collected from the pit zone ^^


Concert Experience Part 3

Next, the projector screens showed a clip ala Charlie Chaplin of the boys hanging out at the car showroom - oggling & playing with the cars. It was a hilarious one cuz the boys got chased out of the showroom for messing with the cars on display. In the end, they built a car on their own using scrap metal parts taken from a junkyard. And off they came up on stage driving a car which was detachable while grooving to the tune of DRIVE. Yunho & Yoochun sat in the car & drove along the middle aisle straight to the crowd at the RM423 & RM283 area. I think Junsu came to our side for a while then along came Changmin as well. Junsu was smilling sheepishly all the time. I was thinking, he's sure tengah perasan cuz all the girls were calling out his name. Changmin was really shy that night as he quickly turned his eyes away when all of us met his XD. How cute!

The song ended in a few mins & the next vid of the boys in silhouette appeared. They were busy chit-chatting in their usual dorky way & then sang a short acapella, Whatever they say. Thank goodness for the subtitles or else we wouldn't have understand their casual jokes in the vid ^^. The boys appeared sitting on stools with bright red lights illuminating from their backs thus creating silhouettes while they croon to the tune of You only love. It was such a beautiful song when sung live as I got to experience their soulful harmony which complimented each other's voice, forming a perfect balance. Another vid about war scenes were shown before their next song, Dangerous Mind. Without further delay, the boys sang TRI-ANGLE which also featured Zhang Liyin covering BoA's part. I reckoned there was poor timing for the revolving door which was supposed to move upwards to reveal Zhang Liyin singing away. She was literally bending down to show her face but the door was moving too slow. I guessed half of her part was almost finished when the door barely moved up till her body. Such a pity!

Tadaa! Our much awaited song had finally came~ Dong Bang's signature song for the 3rd album made everyone high. Junsu did Yunho's intro dance while our dear oppa stood afar waiting to sing. *sighs* No one can ever replace oppa's part, not even Junsu. Everything would be so perfect if Yunho could dance. Anyways, everyone was singing enthusiastically to O-JUNG.BAN.HAP that the whole atmosphere was absolutely amazing. I forgot to mention; during the fast songs, the boys changed into outfits that blew our minds away. Yoochun especially, wore this 3/4 tight-fitted sleeve shirt with the front part cut across into strips revealing his chest O_O. We could see his nipples each time he jumped around the stage XD. That was totally orgasmic! I think I just had a nosebleed. Changmin wore nothing under a sweatshirt & had it zipped up halfway to show some bare chest *drools*. At one part, his left side kept slipping off his shoulders - revealing well toned biceps & chest. Gosh, I think my brain exploded after seeing it. The cute thing is, our dear Changmin felt so shy again & was trying hard to push back the sweatshirt to his shoulder while dancing but to no avail. Awww, Changminnie~ You're so adorkable!

The song ended with a blast & oh boy, I was wishing for more. But I guess things have to slow down a little as I got too heated up XD. Please don't ask me what the next vid is about cuz I could hardly remember. The boys came out with full length white coats & sang Remember. It wasn't my fav song off their 3rd album but somehow listening & seeing the boys singing live made it so good. It was another heartfelt song especially when the boys stood up on a rotating platform which elevated above the centre aisle. The elevated platform allowed everyone in the stadium to see the boys clearer, I guess. Hmm, how should I express my views about this song? It's...a motivating song. A song that gives hope. Maybe the song does not mean that but who cares XD.

Moving on next is another vid of the Dong Bangs in cute animation. This one is really popular & is still circulating around the Internet for months. It showed the boys going to SM Town theme park & playing rides. I should cut this short cuz you have to watch the vid on YouTube to know how hilarious it is. Then, the boys came out riding mini aeroplanes singing the cute song, Balloons & maneuvering them to different parts of the aisles. Though I didn't get to see Yoochun that much but Changmin was at our side for almost the entire song. How lucky we are! It was a fun ride with Dong Bang as everyone was waving their glowsticks & singing so loudly. This was not the end. The boys later sang HI YA YA which made the crowd jumped madly (I was one of them XD). They made speeches again & to slow things down, they decided to sing Unforgettable. Awww it sounded so romantic live!

Unforgettable was supposed to be the last song for the night. They made some sappy speeches (LOL!) & then left the stage with us wanting more. All of us shouted "Encore! Encore!" & managed to get the boys back on stage. Ah, it was a pre-planned encore anyway so no big deal. But it's good that we got to hear them singing HUG, their debut song which propelled them to success in late 2004. More bass were added to the song to make it more jumpy. I think it's meant to get the crowd worked up before they adjourned. I'd have to say this last song is my most memorable one. My dear Yoochun was holding a mineral bottle & drinking away...suddenly he walked near my area & started splashing water on me & a few other girls. AHHHHHH!!! I LOVE YOU, YOOCHUN~ Off he went to the far side of the stage. Junsu came nearby, bent down & put a foot on the railings. He was sorta tempting the girls there to pull the hem of his jeans & shoelace XD. Later, Yoochun came from the opposite direction & did the same thing. Dang! I couldn't even get near him cuz everyone was pushing -_-. How disappointing! *shrugs* Oh least I got your water, Yoochunnie XD.

Finally, the boys bidded farewell & left the stage. The concert had ended with loud bangs & silver confettis shooting up the air. I took one home for remembrance. Silly me! LOL. Everyone in the pit zone refused to leave as we tried to get the boys to come back just for one more song. We sang I'll be there & an early birthday song for Junsu (which I thought was a bad idea) twice. At that time, I could barely hear my squeaky voice cuz my throat was having a terrible sore. Still, I tried my best to sing as loud as I could. Sadly, the boys left for good & so we fans had no choice but to leave. Imho, I think we did give a huge impression to the Korean staffs who were listening while clearing up the stage. Hopefully they would report this the boys & make them happy. Or maybe the boys heard our singings themselves...^^

I shall not narrate on the part while travelling back home as you guys might not stand the fangirling thingy. Initially, we had plans to stop by at JW Marriott & then straight to QBar to stalk the boys after the concert. In the end, we had to cancel it cuz Mum sent me a text asking about my whereabout. Being an obedient girl, I requested Intan to drop me home instead. Besides, everyone was bloody tired. I reached home at 12am & by the time I got ready for bed, it was 1.30am. I dozed off quickly as my exhaustion reached its limits. It was a night to remember. Thank you, my beloved Dong Bangs. Though my post-concert depression sets in & lasted for 2 days, it reflected how much I love & miss you guys. I'm looking forward to you guys releasing your next Korean album soon & hopefully come back to Malaysia in 2009. I'll be waiting...