Friday, November 30, 2007

Concert Experience Part 2

The concert started with visuals shown on the large screen on the stage which also switched at random. And then, one screen moved upwards revealing 5 guys standing there in long, black & red coats reminiscent of 5 mannequins you normally see in clothing shops. Lol. Except that these are more good looking ^^. The screen moved downwards again & within mins, I saw the boys standing on the stage preparing to start their first song. Bang! The Dong Bangs opened the night with the first song, Phantom. Oh boy! You should see how much we all screamed~ LOL. Everyone started moving forward while I stayed behind. Who would wanna risk getting suffocated in there?? Here's where the not-so-fun part started. Some stupid fangirls were apparently sooooo scared that they couldn't get their oppas attention *rolls eyes* & ended up holding their signboards above their heads for 5 songs. WTF! Because of that, so many ppl couldn't see clearly. The Japanese obasans were so pissed; they complained to the security guards. Thankfully, the girls put the signboards down but they did the same thing again in the 2nd half of the show. Lets not talk about them. The boys moved on to Million Men (2nd song), dancing away like nobody's business. At that time, everyone was already screaming for Yunho cuz he was missing from the stage. Yup, he didn't dance thanks to his injured hips back at the Seoul Encore Concert :(. What a waste! *sighs*

After Million Men, videos were shown again...this time the boys were pictured like some anime characters battling with monsters & slashing 'em with their awesomely cool weapons. It was a little too cheesy for me but who cares. All of 5 of them looked smokin' hot!! In the vid, Jaejoong swerved his sword, releasing a wave energy across a convoy of monsters. He really looks like a manga character coming alive *woot*. And suddenly, he broked into the The way U are at the chorus part. Then, all 4 of them appeared on stage to continue the song - only singing the 2nd half. Yunho was probably standing at the inner right side of the stage as I only caught glimpses of him. Next was Rising Sun & the performance was good though a little lacklustre due to missing Yunho. *sighs* I was trying hard to observe Yoochun who's standing at the far left side T.T. Why didn't I get the left pit zone??? Decided to stare at Jaejoong & Changmin instead cuz they looked so bloody hot in person XD.

Time for intermission & vids were shown again. This time, a girl was seen falling into the depths of the water. Okay, I don't see any relations with the monster battle. *shrugs* Whatever...after the vid, the girl appeared at the top of the stage slowly descending & flailing away as if she was struggling in the deep waters. Later, a guy came down & trying hard to rescue her by pulling her up. The whole scene here was so spectacular cuz both the guy & girl performed so convincingly, enacting the water scene. And without that giant projector projecting almost surreal water images to the white cloth (see pic in previous post), everything could've looked so fake. Thumbs up for this! The boys came descended down to the stage with wires strapped onto their bodies. I could imagine Yoochun shuddering through this XD (he's got height phobia). The intro melody of One was played & everyone cheered loudly. Yay for Yunho singing live so well. He really improved~ ^^ Too bad this time the song failed to touch my heart. Last year, I was tearing up cuz it was sang so emotionally.

Finally, the Dong Bangs greeted the crowd in Korean & of course in Malay by saying, "Apa khabar, Malaysia? Kita Dong Bang Shin Ki!". Omg, who taught them the wrong grammar?? Kita is soooo wrong...*grrr* Nvm, I don't blame the boys cuz it wasn't their fault. They sounded adorable though ^^ *squee* There they go yakking in Korean. This time, their speeches were accompanied with English subtitles projected on the screens at both sides of the stage. Kudos to SM for the translation efforts. At least we don't cheer for no reason like last year lol. Then, they sang Miduhyo so passionately. I was singing along so loudly & yeah, I was quite touched with the song. I couldn't hear a single thing last year due to the poor sound systems. This year wasn't that great but I would say much better. Junsu did some variations in the 2nd half of the song which I thought was a rather creative move from their original song. Unforfunately, Yoochun wasn't so consistent that night as he couldn't pull of some notes well. He tried his best anyway & I love him for that XD. Changmin has no problem, which is great :).

When You're my miracle came up, the crowd went berserk cuz the boys walked down the aisle - each of them spliting to different directions. Changmin walked along the middle aisle & turned to his left side; his back facing my area. O_O He was literally standing right in front of me (about 1m away...) & sweating profusely as seen from the visible marks on his jacket. Trust me, they were wearing suits in the hot weather -_-. Yoochun came to join Changmin & I couldn't stop spazzing away. I saw him upclose last year & it was exactly the same that night. Only difference is that I could stare at him longer at a closer distance XD. Was screaming his name so loudly but I guess it was stupid to even think that he would hear it *sighs*. They disappeared to the backstage for another clothes change. Yes, they changed lots of costumes that night.

Without further delay, another vid came up showing Junsu clad in gold tank top & err...pants I think. When he appeared on stage, he was wearing the same exact costume - singing his self-composed My Page while strutting his stuff with male & female dancers. I couldn't express how hot the female dancers were. I felt so envious in that instant moment. "Rain" started falling on Junsu while he shaked his kamo butt (he's famous for his sexy butt). While walking & dancing along the centre aisle, he accidentally slipped & fell. But ended up doing a cool pose to cover up his mistake. That was soooo random & cool! Definitely the capable Junsu. The song ended & he threw his cap away. Wonder who's that lucky gal who got his black cap. Yoochun appeared immediately from the aisle wearing a white sleeveless tank top, grey khakis & a red hat. OMG!!! I screamed as loudly as I could cuz he looked so good...When he sang the first word, my heart stopped beating for a few secs. I kept quiet & listened intently throughout the song as he did a rendition of Brian McKnight's One Last Cry. His English sounded fobby but nvm...cuz I was so drawn to the song. I didn't even cheer for him cuz I was in the verge of tears. He'll always be the heartbreaker, I thought to myself.

Upnext was Yunho performing his self-composed solo, Spokesman which supposedly featured Donghae from Super Junior. Donghae was replaced by an unknown Korean dude singing the rap parts. The performance was a blast as we got to see Yunho performing his all. Yup, he danced in his solo. I supposed he didn't wanna disappoint the fans & thus give a full performance of his solo dance. Everyone was thrilled, of course. It did made fans like me quite worried that he might strain his hips again. Perhaps performing one dance & not the rest for the entire night won't do any harm. The 5 of them were backed together to for Hey!Girl accompanied by female dancers. Everyone was screaming so loudly when the boys held the dancers' hands & even touched the their faces. Let me define the screams by the fans. I was screaming cuz the whole touching thingy was indeed hot. However, the others found it intimidating when the dancers were so close to their darling Dong Bangs. C'mon, it was only a performance. How about a peck on the cheek? Don't tell me those rabid fangirls will start throwing rotten eggs to the dancers?? Hmm, it's possible. Never underestimate them. *runs away to hide* Their next song was I wanna hold you & if I'm not wrong, the pic below was taken during that time. Sorry for the poor memory cuz I practically forgot lots of details. I was too engrossed staring at their cute faces.

See Junsu's kamo butt?? (as shown by red arrow)

Another vid was shown on the screen & this time, we could see Changmin's silhouette & his voice testing the instruments for the band. He then appeared at the top of the stage (during the mannequin part) singing When I first kissed you. To add more jazzy feel to the song, props were included on the stage with a couple sitting together on the bench & a lamp post. It was a good song to slow down the fast pace of the concert as I needed some rest from all the screams & squeals. Jaejoong was the last to perform his solo, Crying which was one my favourite song. He came up on stage sitting on a stool with a mike stand within his grasp - singing his heart out like a heartbroken soul. I'd have to admit this, Jaejoong was the best singer that night. Not even a single off-pitched note. Maybe the rest of the members weren't at their tip-top condition. As for Yunho, he's already known for his weaker vocals compared to the rest but he improved so much that I didn't find any flaws at all. After Jaejoong's solo, the 2nd session of the concert started.

To be continued...