Monday, November 12, 2007

Bad news. I didn't get to buy the camera yesterday. Can you imagine queing for 3 hours but ended up not buying anything? Yes, disappointing! Actually, that launch invitation e-mail was sorta a gimmick to attract the crowd. Indeed, there're people who managed to buy the Sony DSC-T2 at RM111.10. Because they camped at Times Square a day before the event. I really salute those ppl who had that much energy to stand there & wait till the next day. I'm definitely pwned.

Why didn't I wait summore, you ask? Well, Sony used incremental pricing to sell this brand new model. Lets say you're the first few ppl in the queue, you'll get to buy it at a dirt cheap price. As you're ranked the nth person in the loooonng queue, the price will increase. Which means...I didn't even stand a chance to buy at a cheap price at all. I arrived the mall entrance at 9.30am & there was already a long, long queue. *shrugs*

Coincidentally, I met my college mate there & he waited since 5am. Yup, you read it right. In the end, he gave up too. Was it worth waiting long hours just for that bloody camera? Yes & no. Yes...if I managed to get the camera at RM111.10. No...since I'm willing to pay RM1000+ for a camera, why bother standing there like a fool? Walk across the road to Low Yat Plaza & there I have it; a digital gadget shopping paradise.

The whole thing was a good experience for me. It was part the excitement of standing there like a dungu & chit-chatting with my online friend who came to meet me. And she was kind enough to accompany me, hence I'm truly grateful of her. That's all about my story. It was a long, long day. Definitely a good preparation for the upcoming concert XD.