Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In case you didn't know, I just got back my lappie yesterday. It went wonky for the 3 weeks; refusing to restart properly & nothing appeared on the screen except pitch black. Was told that the system board died failed again. Finally got it replaced & my dear lappie is functioning well at the moment. Thank God I backed up my files so nothing to worry ^^. Photoshop is gone so I have to borrow from someone to install again -_-.

Initially, I was pretty pissed with the fact that the system board failed for the 2nd time cuz I remember sending my lappie for a similar diagnostic a month after I bought it. That means, I was using a newly replaced brand new system board before being replaced few days ago. It made me think that HP is manufacturing crappy motherboards to fit in to its Compaq. After some serious thoughts, maybe it wasn't exactly HP's fault for such trashy mobos. It could be due to the faulty power socket I was using in college months ago. My lappie crashed when my aunt was using it at home. From then, it started crashing every now & then. I thought it was due to Vista's buggy problem. The electric shock must've been the culprit...

Anyways, I'll be getting a new doggie real soon. This Wednesday~ It's a half breed Rottweiler puppy, if I'm not wrong. Mum's friend wanted to give it away & so I suggested to take that puppy in since we no longer have dogs at home. In return, we give a packet of sugar to Mum's friend. This is the first time I heard about this unusual Chinese custom. Apparently, the sugar is meant to be a token of goodwill & appreciation. Weird, huh? *shrugs* Can't wait for it to arrive...^^

P.S. 4 more days to the concert~