Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Saturday night was like a dream *swoons*. Guess what, it took me almost 2 days to realise that the most anticipated concert in my calendar had already ended. How unbelievably fast the 2 1/2 hour concert passed by! And I'm currently experiencing what we fans called "post-concert depression". I can't express how much I missed them already after such an enjoyable night. We were BREATHING THE SAME AIR~

Okay, I was thinking of typing a complete fan account of the concert but I could hardly recall the song sequence at all. I referred to YesAsia for the song list to help refresh my memory. Can't blame...I was hyperventilating when the boys stood right in front of my eyes & all my other memories vanished. They were as good looking compared to last year; perhaps even better cuz I could capture their faces clearly every second during the concert. I was THAT near.

(from my faint memory) Here's what happened that day...

Concert Experience Part 1

Intan (Fatimah's close friend) came to pick me up at 1.30pm & all 6 of us (me, Fatimah, Intan & 3 other cousins) squeezed in her ruby red Myvi. Off we headed straight to Stadium Merdeka while screaming excitedly among ourselves. We bought some food & snacks beforehand knowing that it's very unlikely that we have time to eat while queueing to enter the stadium. I bought a McD's burger for my early dinner & a boxful of Oreos as a standby in case my stomach starts crying for food again -_-. We arrived at the venue approx 2pm or so & the crowd had already gathered. Mind you, the concert only starts at 8pm.

Then, we hung around the booths selling some merchandise & was told that it'll be opened at 3pm. Since the weather was scorching hot, we walked to the back of the stadium & found some fans trying to peak at the rehearsal which was still going on. I managed to steal a few glances through the gates & saw from afar blondie Jaejoong in a sleeveless tank top. Even from a distance, you can see his eye-catching hair & skin colour. Now you know how fair Koreans are. When the event organisers came to cover up the gates with black fabrics, we sat under the trees to enjoy the cool breeze. Ate our meals at about 4pm, commented about Junsu & Zhang Liyin's rehearsal - me giving a bad feedback about Liyin's voice. We could still hear their practice session despite the blocked gates. She was doing fine but perhaps not good enough for concerts yet. Believe or not, some fans were so notorious & uncivilised. One girl actually climbed up the stadium to see what's going on inside the stadium. Geez~ -_- I was already cursing to myself, wishing that she would fall & break her leg or something. She was being so ridiculous!

At 5pm, we returned to the stadium entrance & went to our respective gates to join the queue. I got to meet Mandy; the girl whom I chatted with for several weeks before the concert. We vowed to meet up & so we did. Both of us only managed to talked for a few mins as I had to stand at the gates to the right pit zone (she's on the left). It's hard not to miss the sea of red crowding around the entrance. At that moment, I felt so proud to be part of this fandom cuz everyone is equally enthusiastic & passionate about the Dong Bangs. Met 2 new ppl who hailed from East Malaysia & chatted joyously ^^. We parted ways after that as I headed to the pit zone while they went to the RM423 seats. Trust me, entering the stadium was chaotic. Overly excited fans were eager to save the best spot in the pit zone ended up pushing each other at the door. As a result, I heard that the doors broked & the guards got really mad & started yelling at the girls. Served the girls right...this is too rebellious. Maybe the guards should've gave them a tight slap on the face.

When I entered the stadium, I got myself comfortable by sitting on the grass. Need to conserve all the remaining energy I have just for the concert. Not surprising was a few Japanese obasan sitting in the same area too. And a group of Filipinos who were busy yakking away & fiddling with their iPod videos. Again, I got acquainted with two 16 year old girls from Ipoh. There were announcements made in 4 different languages - Chinese, English, Japanese & Korean - warning the crowd about using prohibited items (cameras, mp3 recorders, etc.) during the concert. What's more, it was repeated twice but obviously no one heeded the warning. As for me, I didn't have a camera & failed to borrow one. It was better not to carry one anyway cuz I had a feeling the security will be extremely tight judging from last year's fan account at the pit zone. Somehow, the securities weren't concern with camera cellphones. Apparently camera phones were not a threat to them maybe cuz camera phones are never great. That's why I took snapshot of the stage before the concert starts.

The evening skies grew darker & looked really beautiful with KL Tower & KLCC at the horizon. It was mesmerising...

At approx 8pm, the concert started!

To be continued...