Monday, December 10, 2007

As promised earlier, I'll give you an insight on my new camera. I bought it at RM1093 which I thought was a pretty good deal. There weren't many colours to choose from - black & silver. Somehow that shop managed to import a white one from Japan, a special colour rarely available in the local market. The white model was even more beautiful thanks to its glossy finish. Knowing how easy white colour attracts stains, Mum said to choose the conventional colour - metallic silver. The items listed below are the ones we received at the time of purchase.

  1. Camera in a standard package (camera, battery, charger, cables, hand strap)
  2. 2GB Panasonic SDHC memory card
  3. Original Panasonic camera pouch
  4. Original Panasonic/Beijing Olympic Games 2008 hand towel
Initially, the original set priced at RM1299 was supposed to be like this...

  1. Camera in a standard package (same as above)
  2. 2GB Toshiba HCSD memory card
  3. Original Panasonic camera pouch
  4. Mini tripod
  5. Original Panasonic/Beijing Olympic Games 2008 hand towel
The salesguy decided to change the Toshiba memory card to a Panasonic when we were interested but not convinced to make purchase at RM1100. Then, we requested that the mini tripod should be replaced with another item. Perhaps a screen protector but unfortunately the tripod costs so much lesser than the screen protector. I'd probably have to add on a few more dollars just for that plastic sheet. Nevertheless, we still insist that tripod should be taken out cuz we already have a bigger one at home neways. In the end, the salesguy agreed to deduct the price of the camera (sans the tripod). So that was how the RM1093 came about. I should've asked for free digital prints but I totally forgotten about it -_-. And then I thought, it's not like I always print out my photos neway so the free prints are useless.

Different views of the Panasonic FX33 when switched on

Here are some test photos for you guys to see. The results are pretty good but to be honest, the noise level can be quite high for this camera during low lights. Nevertheless, this one is so much better than my stolen Olympus. Btw, Panasonic uses Leica lens so no doubt it's good. Take note that all pics below were resized to save bandwidth. No other editings were done.

Night scene taken from the 6th floor, Assunta Hospital

Taken at the PJ Police HQ. This is a poorly taken pic but somehow I like how the effect turns out ^^

The best shot taken so far. This is the MCIS building nearby PJ Hilton Hotel.

Me doodling in front of the camera while my sis tries to capture a good shot. Lighting is good but the only prob is the way I pose XD

That's all for now. I'm going to bed.

P.S. I'm loving this camera soooooooo much~