Tale as old as time

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I stole snapshot of the stage before the start of Act 2. Fyi, cameras aren't allowed during the show. So yeah, sorry no pics of the cast.

After the show. As you can see, the middle section below is the live orchestra. Pre-programmed software was used to generate the orchestra sound, I think.

This is the programme book that I mentioned earlier. Indeed, it costs RM30. *sighs*


The musical was really good, just as I expected. It wasn't superbly awesome which made me go "WOW!" but overall it was worth watching. Heard that there were mixed reviews; some saying that it was disappointing whereas many spoke highly of the show. Well...the costumes were beautiful, the casts' voices were as sweet as angels & dances were a little goofy but nevertheless it was pure jolly good fun. At least the casts kept me entertained throughout the 2 1/2 hours.

The show pretty much lived up to what I've expected so far. But I was quite disappointed that the production team decided to inject some humour to it by changing the characteristics of the Beast. I've known since childhood that the Beast is a fierce & ferocious one, unlike the one on stage trying hard to be funny to please the crowd. He acted childishly, not to my liking unfortunately. Perhaps the team attempted to entertain the young audience who were also present with their parents. Dialogues were cheesy but funny I never ever thought of that when I watched the cartoon. *shrugs*

Speaking of kids...geez. I think it's a waste of time for parents to bring their children along. They're total distraction! The cartoon was originally targeted at kids who love fairy tales, fantasies, dragons yadi yada. But musical is NOT for the young. I mean, how can you expect them to appreciate live action stage shows? They just don't know how. Wait till their older. Imagine how irritating it is to have a 5 year old girl pulling the back of your seat every few mins & then asking her Daddy, "Is that the Beast?". And parents letting their kids stray away from their seats, running around like a maniac. Gawd.

Alrite, enough about rants. There were merchandises sold at the venue but I chose not buy any of it cuz they're ridiculously expensive. Only got myself the programme book & that already costs me RM30 T.T Thank God I brought enough cash or else I wouldn't have anything to bring back home. I just wanna keep some evidence to show that I was there XD. Pics will be coming up soon. Need some time to upload them cuz my sis has been hogging the camera lately -_-.