Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay, the ball was finally over last Saturday night. My very last ball before I leave university. Honestly, the event was way below my expectation but at the very least; it was a memorable night for me cuz I felt that I looked more beautiful than ever. This is the first time I put so much effort to achieve the best look for prom. And I did it! ^^ With a considerable amount incurred, of course. It was worth every cent spent, anyways.

The food was not bad. In fact, the mutton curry tasted pretty good. However, the feel of the event was lacklustre; leaving much to be desired. It was supposed to be magical. That's what it ought to be. I supposed the only thing that is fuelling the fun & excitement are friends or dates for the night. Cameras were flashing endlessly & I can assure you that I was "blinded" aplentiful times. Especially no thanks to my camera that flashes twice each time a shot is taken. The pics came out fabulous so I shouldn't be complaining XD.

Performance was mediocre but there was one performance that I was looking forward to see. Though it wasn't superbly outstanding till it made me tear, I was watching in awe at the cute guy working on his rendition of Chopin's I-forgot-the-song-title piece. He is an excellent pianist, I must say. *salutes* There were too many bands doing performances & my lack of interest in rock bands is not doing any justice. Therefore, I shall refrain from providing comments about them.

I think what's noteworthy is that my cousin bagged the award for Best Dress. Obviously none of the guys could outmatch his outfit for that night. Just like me, he planned his outfit months before the event & even sourced certain pieces from overseas. Crazy, isn't it? XD If I had more funds, I wouldn't hesitate to order my dress online. There're so many dresses in US sites that I've been eyeing for months but couldn't bring myself to order as they're insanely expensive. The most I can do is achieve an elegant look just like the one below. For more pics, click here.

While my bunch of friends went for an after-event party at Scarlet, I went home instead & camwhored a lil bit with my cousin bro. Surely you guys will be asking why I didn't join them. I wasn't in the mood to go & home is only 2km away. And I didn't wanna dirty my beautiful long dress walking around the mall & street. I'm...not a clubbing person, you see. *shrugs* Here are the snapshots of the programme book. The concept & design is pretty interesting but if only the pages weren't stapled together (shown in 2nd pic). The staples somehow made the book look sloppy. Oh well, this post basically sums up the whole event. I shall go to bed now.