Thursday, July 31, 2008

I stayed back at campus till 5.30pm the other day to have a discussion with my fellow members for one of our assignments which will be due soon. The discussion ended early but I had to hang around an hour more as I had no one to fetch me home. And so I walked out of the Student Affairs Office (my usual hangout place) to look at the exam timetable. There were booths still left arranged as it was at the concourse even after the Engineering fair had ended. As I was walking across the concourse, little did I expect to see...

...a couple kissing behind one of the booths. They were so engrossed that they didn't realise that someone passed by. Feeling a little embarrassed & not wanting to disrupt their precious moments, I quickly walked away but unfortunately stepped on a loose manhole cover that led out a sound. I pretended that I didn't see them as I didn't wanna make them feel embarrassed & awkward either. In the next few mins, I could hear the girl gasping "OMG!" loudly maybe cuz she found out that someone noticed them sneaking such act on campus. Oh well... *shrugs*

Basically, the whole idea is that I'm still not used to the public display of intimacy especially in college. Ain't there places more romantic for a smooch? Park, no? Still, this is Malaysia. It's not a norm in our country to perform a kissing act in public. Respect that & deal with it. If you can't, go somewhere private. Believe me, I'd had had enough of witnessing couples caught in the act -_-. They even dared to think that their secret spot is safe from prying eyes at neighbouring colleges. Guh.

It's not that I despise these ppl; it's about when & where they do it irritates me. I won't deny that I kissed someone before. In fact, several times at somewhere quiet without anyone spying on us. Besides, we didn't wanna get ourselves into trouble cuz lip-locking in public is illegal. Honestly, I wouldn't hesitate locking lips with my other half if I'm living anywhere but Malaysia that legalises public kissing. Back to the couple. Can't blame that they were a little...desperate. To me, there's no harm kissing someone just to show how much you love him/her. Like I said, the concourse wasn't the right place. What if they got caught by the management? They're doomed, that's for sure. *sighs* Seeing them makes me feel like loving someone new again. But, I don't think I'm ready yet...