The M is back

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The MTV Asia Awards 2008 is finally back! Not bigger or better but the fact that it is to be held in Malaysia for the first time. At Arena of Stars, Genting of all places -_-. I began thinking how much the MTV organisers can do from this small venue. It only houses merely 6000 ppl. Been there. Seen it. It's THAT small. The trophy design for award winners was shocking. Simply cuz it's a gold-plated "M" shape bar with the award categories engraved on it. I wasn't very much impressed. Reminded me of a Toblerone bar.

I saw the delayed live telecast on Saturday night. And guess what? The event turned out to be surprisingly good. Though lacking sufficient award presenters, I must say that I'm indeed satisfied with the artiste lineup this time. All the performances were awesome except the ones by Project E.A.R & the collab between Electrico & Stefanie Sun. I'd have to stress that my favs for that night were One Republic & Leona Lewis. Hands down to Leona Lewis cuz she pwned them all. Bleeding Love is not her best song. In fact, Better in Time is 100 times better. Nevertheless, thumbs up to One Republic's main man for such a warm interaction with the crowd. ^^

Did I mention that Jared Leto looks incredibly hot? *drools* I believe not many ppl are buying his rather flat-ish hairstyle but I'm so intoxicated by his puppy-like eyes. They add on to his cool, emo & slightly gothic image. Why didn't I know that he acted in Troy? Oh right. I didn't watch the movie. For the list of winners, log on to as well as the latest news of the event.

Now if it wasn't due to assignments & upcoming exams, I'd definitely get my ass there. It's the experience that makes the trip worthwhile. The room rates for that weekend were deliberately jacked up, obviously. But if I were to go, I'll just to stay in the more expensive Genting Resort rather than the smaller but not-so-cheap First World Hotel. Ah well, I guess there's always next time. I still have SM Town in Bangkok 2008 to look forward to, right? XD Btw, congrats to the MTV organisers for the event's success. The team made us feel proud as Malaysians. =D

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