College life is coming to an end

Monday, August 18, 2008

I've officially completed my tertiary education. What a relief~ Althought I'm feeling ecstatic, somehow I felt a little awkward about the absence of assignment datelines & exams. Everything happened so fast & here I am now supposedly ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. To be stepping out to join the fierce working community. All these years, I've always anticipated to complete my final year of degree with a blast. Little did I expect that things turned out simpler than I thought. Seems like just another ordinary day.

I've pondered a lot on the night after my last paper ended. Like...what's my next move? What should I do from now on? I couldn't sleep a wink as I could hardly believe that I have total freedom to do whatever I want now. Decided to stay up late again & watch my Dong Bang concert DVD that I've been deprived for months. It was just to keep my mind occupied rather than sitting down doing nothing. Though I kept on telling myself I'm very eager to leave college asap cuz I didn't wanna lay eyes on some ppl ever again & also leave this sad chapter of my life. I'll be happy again. But...deep down inside, I dreaded the feeling of the need to put this behind me. I seriously do. And the more I think about this, the more I felt guilty. I'm starting to become a hypocrite myself.

To be honest, I miss the good ol' days when the relationship with my college buddies were less strained; less complicated. I wished for so many things, especially the fact that I didn't have to fall in love. With that, I could've at least avoided suffering alone for months. I wished everyone weren't so selfish in the pursuit of their own goals. If only each & everyone of us were that innocent. Ppl grow up & change, so do friends come & go. There'll always be meetings & partings that intertwine one another. This is life, after all. *sighs* I don't know exactly what I'm trying to point out here. All I know is...I'm so confused. =(