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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I received several packages one day after another from US & Japan. I don't know what got into me as I ended up having a shopping spree on eBay & Yahoo! Japan Auctions. I reckon it's all thanks to the pre-exam stress XD.'s not a good thing to hear, is it? Imagine the amount of money I can actually spend if I encounter stress again in the future. o_O

Packages from US

Bet y'all haven't heard about sewing patterns before. It's actually ready-made patterns that can be cut out & sewn together to form a dress design. There're several variations in design to choose from for those who prefer more choices. If only I found these patterns earlier, I could've made them & wear it to prom. The patterns are not too expensive (in US dollars, of course) but they can only be found in the US. So far, I haven't come across any of these stuff in my country which is why I decided to buy them. I haven't got much use of the patterns yet but hopefully in the future. What a total waste of money, eh? XD

Honestly, the designs look a lot like bridesmaid dresses XD.

Next, the one shown below is actually a travel set that comes with a silver pouch, an aromatic candle, an eyemask (the one you strapped over your eyes to sleep) & a huge postcard. If you click on the thumbnail, notice that the zip handle on the pouch is a shape of an airplane. The items look familiar to you, right? Well, I did blog about it here. I have no idea why I bought them. Maybe cuz I'm always attracted to all things shiny XD. But the pouch definitely has some purpose especially when I'm planning to travel out of town this weekend ^^.

FOMA N706i Francfranc travel set

And then, we have two phone straps in which I also got from Yahoo! Japan. The one on the left is actually a mushroom character called ドコモダケ, the current mascot for NTT DoCoMo which comes free if you purchase a DoCoMo handset. Cute fella, isn't he? ^^ And the gold phone strap next to it is a limited edition FOMA N906iu STNY by Samantha Thevasa that is included in every purchase of that particular model. Those Japanese sold the strap separately to make a quick buck. Which is good news for me cuz I absolutely love the strap design. What's missing now is to match it with my dream white SH906i keitai. *sighs*

ドコモダケ & STNY by Samantha Thavasa

Last but not least, the much anticipated Dong Bang's 3rd Live Tour DVD has finally arrived. Awesome concert, I would say. Makes me wanna be there so badly. The concert started on my birthday that's why this tour seems special to me. Gotta tell ya that the boys' concert gets better each year. I wonder when will I have the chance to witness them live in action in Japan. *sighs again* Lucky you, Pei Xiang!

The shiny~