Britain's Got Talent!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I decided to look up on this new reality TV series, Britain's Got Talent after hearing my friend mentioned about the 6 year old girl who sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. If this sounds unfamiliar, it's actually a talent search TV show reminiscent of American Idol with 3 judges commenting & scrutinising the participants. Seems like there's no age limit in this competition so practically anyone from all walks of life who thinks that he/she's got what it takes to win can sign up. You can sign up as a group or solo, which is different from the typical idol search shows that we see today.

This talent show doesn't refer to singing alone; it comprises other talents such as dancing, miming, throwing name it. As long as it's a special skill that other ppl don't. Do I even need to elaborate further? To sum it all, the show started in 2006 & attracted lots of Brits to attend the auditions. The participants would have to demonstrate their talent in front of the judges & audiences in a hall. Three judges (2 men, 1 woman) in which one of them is Simon Cowell, you can expect lots of nasty remarks from his mouth. Audition process is pretty much similar to American Idol therefore I shall not go over the details.

In the first season, both finalists Connie Talbot & Paul Potts battled it out with the latter emerging as the winner. Connie was the first youngest participant to audition for the show & this has encouraged many kids try out in the following year. Paul, a mobile phone seller; wowed the crowd with his opera singing prowess. Citizens voted for Paul maybe cuz they felt that Connie was still young & had plenty of opportunities to prosper. Her voice was still at the growth stage so there's still lots of time before she matures & develop better vocals. Nevertheless, she still sang really well ^^.

As for the second season in 2007, the two finalists were dancers. Interesting ppl, I would say. I won't reveal much for now as I strongly encourage you to watch them in action in YouTube. The winner was Paul Sampson, 14 year old cute teenage street dancer. His rival was the group, Signature which consists of 2 members. This group really amazed me & after watching the video link below, I couldn't stop replaying it. It's just so hilarious yet entertaining. I even downloaded the video clip to add on to my collection. Do watch it & lemme know what you guys think.