Hot, steamy soup

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My friends & I were having lunch nearby Taylor's Business School yesterday & decided to check out the Vono soup bar out of curiosity. It was a mini truck stationed at certain locations promoting Vono instant soup. Each box is priced at RM3 & there're 8 variants to choose from to cater to all those picky taste buds out there. Samples of the 8 different flavours were distributed to entice students buy at least one box. Buy 2 boxes, get 1 wooden soup spoon free. Buy 4 boxes, get 1 soup bowl/cup free. Buy 6 boxes, those 2 gifts are all yours. That was what the promoters told us.

Initially, I wasn't planning to buy anything as I was only tagging along. When I saw the complimentary gifts, I became tempted to purchase 6 boxes. But getting all 6 at once seems too expensive for me. So I settled for 2 boxes instead as I was keen to get the wooden spoon. It looks so cute! My guy friend wanted the mushroom flavour so badly that we decided each of us paid half for 2 boxes. I get to keep the spoon cuz he was more enthusiastic about the mushroom soup -_-.

I realised that the spoon seemed incomplete without the bowl & felt determined to get another 4 boxes. Yes, just for the sake of the bowl XD. This is not the first day you know me. I'll go all out to get it if I really want something. Off I went during lunch hour today, keeping my hopes high that the truck is still there. It's there! At the very same spot. Then I immediately selected 4 flavours, paid the cash & asked for the bowl. I was really disappointed when it was out of stock. But the girl assured that stocks will be replenished within 2 hrs & she gave me 2 spoons first.

At 4pm, I went there again & the gals were smilling gleefully at me. They must be thinking I'm the only one who's crazy enough to return just for the bowl. Who wouldn't? I already have a spoon, I don't need another 2. So yeah, they even took a shot of me with my best smile while holding the bowl & spoon. Just for contest purpose. Sighs. I'd probably looked...weird.

Mum was telling me that I'll most likely get sick of instant soup in no time. -_-

Soups, spoon & bowl.